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  • I've completed my latest timeline. Hopefully you'll find the conclusion, and all the little additions and typo fixes, satisfying. Pleasant reading !
  • Bells of Nevermore

  • Working on my 'real writing' (ie; things I intend to publish). Editing is soul-numbing. This bitch is 200k words and I am only a third of the way through.
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  • Ignore Goldensilver81 , he is a grecophile islamophobe troll, see his TL for that regard, still yeah that was Insulting, ignoring how much of Egyptian culture influenced the modern arabian egypts
    Miranda Brawner
    Miranda Brawner 1
    Thanks for letting me know.
    That was a pleasure Miranda, nice i could be helpful
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  • Total Drama Discord.

    An all new high rated drama show that emotionally unstable kids can watch.
    Then again I’m not perfect myself.
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  • I've just finished reading "Vian's the Man" and i'm wondering you're ever going to finish it or if it's abandoned? I hope you do finish it because was quite good.
  • Bells of Nevermore

  • It pisses me off when someone comes onto my threads and posts snarky bullshit comments. I will block people for this and if it's bad enough, I might report it. If you don't like what I write, find someone else to read. This is now the third time it's happened.
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  • Are you planning to do Cutie Honeynext for American Magic, it aired on ITV stations in the UK, NET (Now TV Asahi) in Japan, and in First-run Syndication in the US
    other notes: I mention that Gerry Anderson (of Thunderbirds fame) was apart of the production and created around 3/4 of the MOTWs, well this show was the first to have the term "Made in Superanimation", thanks to the help of the (then) new ATV Animation unit in Birmingham, England.