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  • Время выбрало этих парней, Время выбрало эту страну.
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  • Just wanted to mention that Crimson Banners Fly is one of my favorite US-based timelines. Exciting turmoil and incredible detail. And you left it on a bit of a cliffhanger! I hope you find the time to continue it soon.
  • Regular Finn Hambone

    Regular Finn Hambone

  • From Colress F. Whitebridge City, UMR Tawalisi, to the Jura Tempest Federation.

    There is better servitude to a Demon Lord-Demon Slime than a tax and family legacy crime-evading coward.
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  • Just wanted to say that Parable of the Grasshopper has been one of the greatest pieces of literature I've ever read on this site.
    And while book 2 does indeed seem incomplete by the number of chapters, the last chapter posted does indeed provide a great closure to the story.
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  • Hi, I made this list of shows that should air IYTL on American kids TV:
    How do you think?
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  • I have a question about Differently. How did Bolivia win the War of the Pacific against Chile, a far more modernized nation with a better-equipped army?
    GriffinFTW 1
    Here's the guy who came up with that's answer:
    Yeah it's a pretty random question. But thank you for answering it! That matters to me. I'm just a bit into South American history and that jumped out to me.
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  • I've lost all hope in my people. The Filipino ain't worth dying for. Hell, he ain't worth a single goddamned thing.
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  • Hi OldNavy1988. I made this good concept for a action block on The Animation Network:
    How do you think?