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  • Petike

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  • I'd suggest asking a mod to move your video games thread to the Media and Fandom forum, it's both a better fit for it and you can avoid having the thread removed in the future (as there will be periodic thread removal in Non-political Chat).
  • Megamind

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  • Hello William, I know it's been quite a while since you updated but as a silent reader of your fanfics I had to ask, do you ever intend on continuing your Rhaegar series? in all my years on this site, it remains by far the best story I have read, no other asoiaf fanfic comes close to the character depth and the realism presented here. Hope you are well.
  • Timmy811 wrote on DominusNovus's profile.

  • Hi, DominusNovus. I hope you're doing well.

    I made a new post in that thread about a Roman Suez canal. I think I found by far the most likely moment in time it could have been contemplated and carried.

    Was wondering what you think.

  • Mccarthypaddy1216

    Mccarthypaddy1216 wrote on King of the Uzbeks's profile.

  • Hey King of the Uzbeks as someone who as followed your Broad Stripes and Bright Stars
    TL with great enthusiasm I was wondering if you are planning on continuing it or is it dead in the water
  • Zach Martin wrote on Chipperback's profile.

  • Hey, Chipperback. Huge fan of the Catherverse. Could you answer some questions about the world?
    Could you describe the health systems of the North American Nations?
    How's Kyle Kulinski doing ITTL?
    And how's West Virginia doing ITTL?
  • Tunak23

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  • Is your story still kicking my dude?
    You kinda disappeared a few months ago and truly I am concerned about its future and of course your health during pandemic times.

    Give us all a heads up whenever you return to activity on the page!
    Make Sarnor great again when that happens mate.
  • bryanfran36 wrote on ComradeH's profile.

  • By the end of April, we will have the anniversary of the Fall of Saigon come and happen.

    I don't know why, but I am watching a lot of documentaries about the Vietnam War.

    Can we had more Vietnam: Eternally Firm, please, I'd developed a fondness for Admiral Morrison and Pilot John Maverick.