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  • Some Updates on my Timelines:

    - The next chapter of The Children of Camelot, should be out tomorrow!
    - I have put A Second Wife, A Second Husband on hiatus due to me procrastinating from writing the next chapters (it's about a war, which I hate writing, hence the procrastination), so hopefully I'll be able to get back to that soon enough!
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  • 10 Billion Dollar idea here - Henry VII is born a girl and goes on to marry Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later King Richard III!
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  • I liked your story ´An extremely reluctant Fuhrer´ very much and since I recently saw a post where an America (ca 1955) from another timeline became ISOT in your timeline, I wanted to ask if you could be enthusiastic about something like that? Would definitely be fun to see the reactions from both sides and how each reacts to the other's alternate timeline.
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  • Could you please not add an extra space between paragraphs? It makes your text harder to read.
    Why the board software replaces paragraph breaks with two line breaks I have no idea.
    Ok I'll do that for the next update

    I sail a dinghy in a typhoon and delude myself into believing I have control.

    Sun Yat-sen, leader of the largest anti-Qing organisation
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  • I would love to see your Timeline "For God, Crown, and Country: The Commonwealth of America" continuing. I assume you're quite busy with other things in mind but I hope you'll be able to reconsider continuing your Yankee Dominion TL. I really love it so far.
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  • I hope you don't mind how I made my character the Human bad guy already in Them, I've always wanted to be a bad guy in something, and every story needs a good villain.
    Asharella 1
    The idea of the game actually is much more about the humans interacting with each other than with Them... so it's great you're doing this! Let's just hope we get enough interested in it for it to work.
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    I hope so too, this seems like such a cool idea for a RP, I want my first RP to go according to your plans.