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  • You do realise that there is a Sliding Scale Of Alternate History Plausibility, right? If you don’t like not-as-realistic alternate history, then that’s fine, but don’t act like writing those types of alternate history are illegal.
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    Heck Nintendo new groove is a soft AH as we never knew what Atari would have done
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    Oh. You seemed nicer than I thought. I thought you were going to be all "YOU'RE TIMELINES STINK CAUSE THEY ARNT AS REALISTIC AS MINES!", but no. I was completely wrong about you. Thanks for giving me more understanding about writing alternate history!
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    I only loss my nerve with this board anti islamic hypocrisy, the rest I'm a historian at praxis, I'm critical and objective.

    I like nng before the author lost the idea what to do with it
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  • I feel like so many royal marriages could have been saved if the spouses concerned had been a little kinkier in bed
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  • Thanks for the likes! :D
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    I like AQC because it’s pretty emotionally compelling. It feels pretty genuine and believable with the motives you presented under the circumstance.

    DoR still feels more genuine and thought out even if you intend it to be a power fantasy. Unlike many others.

    I’ve been fine, if dealing bad with me broken leg but I’ll be up in a month or two.
    Lady Visenya
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    Oof. I've had a bad bout of depression that had me feeling like garbage for months. But that's nothing compared with a broken leg. *Hugs*
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    Don’t worry bout the leg but I do wish good luck and hope your depression gets better.

    Thank you. Your stories really came in handy durig my current hospital .stay.
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  • Love your alternative history stuff. Especially in regards to CGU. You have created an awesome universe and I can't wait to see the future of the Unionverse. I actually just bought one of your books from Amazon. I can't wait to read it when it arrives.
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  • Arrrrg, Arrrg, Arrrg, making they're me into a zombie libertarian💀🤪 who will hunt these candidates and feast on their brains and their supporters' too.😛🙃😵