You have ever half planned some ATL timelines who likely will never be written?

Yep. Been slowly working off and on (mostly off) about a timeline where the Republic of Venice survives to the modern day.

I've got an free evening, maybe I'll take a look at my notes and see if anything can be salvaged and even expanded upon.
More like I have a whole world planned out, but trying to start the process to justify that world's existence is pretty hard. Like, it's a series of PODs in the 16th and 17th centuries, but I feel like skipping all that and heading to the early 20th century, in which the more interesting stuff really begins.
I've actually considered going into a vignette-like TL just like this. It would begin "in media res" with the interesting parts I want to show, with the world well-changed after the initial POD, and then previous alt-historical facts will be glossed over for the sake of understanding the present.

It would be something explaining the survival of the (late) Roman Empire for various centuries after 476 C.E., where it is in contact with a more globalized world largely influenced by Asian empires. Now, the task of writing and justifying the survival of the Empire is a feat in itself, so I wanted to simply skip a millenium ahead and deal with "how the world is now?" (but tendering to the butterflies, of course! Unlike most novels about the subject do...)
Half-wrote, sadly. Petals of a Rose, it's a yorkist timeline I was writing. Got writer's block, and I never got, back. Y'know?
I write down ideas for ASB novellas or short stories that would be a shared universe with multiple layers of nested AH, but it gets overwhelming until I pare it down to the essentials and take it off in new directions as I've refined my conceptual throughline. I'm on the third or fourth version of my setting Bible right now.
I've got several. Maybe I'll actually write a few someday.

* Joan of Arc never hears her Voices and never shows up in history. The war settles down to a stalemate, the King of England starts spending more and more time in (Northern) France, and eventually Parliament declares a republic amid a different Reformation.
* Lincoln is assassinated in 1862, leading to Confederate independence thanks to incompetent generals bungling campaigns just before the Congressional elections.
* About ten years ago, I planned a near-future fantasy timeline involving inter-world portals discovered in ancient Mesopotamian ruins, which involved a stable and democratic Iraq. Tragically, by now that's alternate history.
One in hiatus about Spain in the 13th century, I will continue it... someday.

Some not published that probably will never be:

Dom Pedro I of Brazil winning personally the war of Cisplatina, but dying shortly after with Maria Leopoldina surviving him.
The Carolingians uniting Europe and North Africa, making a new super Roman Empire, that falls and come back in a China-like fashion.
Napoleon invading Russia, but not pursuing the Russians past Vitebsk.
Currently I am working in one about the Austrians winning Wagram and capturing Napoleon.
I have a bunch but combining a professional career with young kids makes it impossible to do it justice. One day I will restart the Legacy of Good King Fred. The basic idea is that the George II to Frederick I transition is much more akin to the George I to George II transition: a lot of fanfare but little political intervention. That results in a longer Whig ascendancy, from the Pelhams to Pitt to Rockingham with no Tory interlude, with all that entails for domestic reform and foreign policy.
1) Jane Grey says no, it belongs to my cousin Mary. My ASB version of this has a SI of a devoutly Catholic friend of mine.

2) Patrick Cleburne keeps his mouth shut, gets promoted to Corps Commander, and saves the Confederacy during the Atlanta campaign. He becomes CSA ambassador to the UK eventually.

3) Alfred the Great spends Xmas of 877 with a sword up his posterior, put their by the new king of Wessex, Guthrum.

4a) Simularly, another Norse PoD is a successful conquest Ireland in the 840s. What is different is the selective gradual adoption and spread of several Irish customs by the Norse make them a harder nut to crack by Christianity and better at assimilating cultures.
4b) This one I've thought of doing as an ASB tL where it makes illict contact with us Crosstime Traffic style.
4c)Having a Unified Norse Nation be ISOTed into our tl. One of this nation it's a "Greater Vinland" ruling eastern Canada to Lake Superior to Hudson Bay, the NE + NY to the Hudson River/Lake Champaign and a stretch of New Jersey coast+Greenland and Iceland. Another version has is this plus the British Isles, Scandinavia, all of the Baltic Sea and into Russia on a line roughly from Hamburg to Warsaw to Minsk to the White Sea.

5) 1680 Pueblo Revolt is successful much longer.

6) Ceasar dies at Alesia. Mr GreyOwl is doing this well so no need.

7) New Amsterdam eats Puritan New England.

8) The Scots Conquer New France in the 1620s and never merge with England.

9) AFL Commisioner Al Davis sabotages the merger with the NFL and the AFL subsumes the older league in 1979.

10) The Kansas City Chiefs win Superbowls I, IV and VI. The Dallas Cowboys are yet to win a Championship.

11) The Hitler orphans are adopted into a loving, stable home. Adolph adjusts particularly well.
Malacca survive 1511, and then proceed to call Jihad to all Muslim kingdoms in South East Asia.
SEA manage to get support, and manage to land on Iberia.
I have a fair few. Sadly I have a big enough problem updating my current timeline.

1) The Old World in the New: François Gaston de Lévis leads the French efforts in North America in place of Montcalm. With a saner campaign and a bit of luck the French are able to fend off the British onslaught. From there the development of the colony and its reactions to the tectonic forces shaping the rest of the world would become the focus of the TL.

2) A More Assertive Diem: Exactly as the title says, Diem takes greater pains to reel in the centrifugal forces of his family members, and establishes a more moderate and coherent regime than in OTL. Personalism gets a fairer shot at implementation and the window for coups is much smaller. Additionally, with how much familial politics it would entail it would presumably read like a medieval dynastic timeline, but with fighter jets and rock music.

3) 1837 Comes Early: In the immediate aftermath of the War of 1812, an anti-aristocrat revolt shakes the Canadas to their core, resulting in the disbandment of the Family Compact and Chateau Clique, the unification of the Canadas (or BNA, didn't decide yet on how big of a splash i wanted), implementation of responsible government, and economic reform of BNA decades ahead of time. Creating a Canada which is far more competitive with the USA.

4) An ""Honourable"" Defeat: The Italians are even less prepared and Conrad has shifted even more divisions over from the east. The Austro-Hungarians push all the way to the Adriatic coast, encircling much of the Italian forces at the Isonzo. When the Brusilov offensive guts the Central Powers in Galicia the war still ends in an Austrian defeat, but one from which a rump empire (the expected territories lost to Romania, Serbia, and Russia) is able to limp away from. Now it finds itself in the same neighbourhood as a revanchist Germany, an Italy which is out for blood, and hyperpower Russia. Fun times do not ensue.

5) A Dynasty of Sand, a Dynasty in the North, a Dynasty of Soda and Roaring Engines: Three PoDs with this one:

-In April of 1900 Rabih defeats a French column advancing on Kousséri, he orders his men to pursue, destroying the French force. From a prisoner he learns that the column, along with two others were meant to meet up at Kousséri. With this information and additional weapons captured from the defeated French he is able to defeat the French in detail, securing his state’s independence.

-In 1911 Samuel McLaughlin (senior partner) along with William C. Durant and Louis C. Chevrolet launch McLaughlin-Chevrolet (the American branch of The McLaughlin Motor Car Company Limited). Thus begins the McLaughlin Conglomerate.

-In 1912 negotiations between the Qing and the rebels break down as Tang Shaoyi is unable to extract guarantees of support for Yuan Shikai from Wu Tingfang. The Xinhai revolution continues, with Yuan Shikai and the Beiyang Army still “loyal” to the Qing.
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I've had some ASB ideas that involve the knowledge for some futuristic technologies being ISOTed back in time:
-Lithium Air batteries in 1900 (skipping the 20th century period of petroleum powered transportation)
-An economical way to synthesize foodstuffs chemically in 1935 (wiping out almost all agriculture at a time when 40% of Americans still farmed for a living)
-Room temperature superconductors in 1920 (Don't get me started)

Or maybe all 3
The Deadness of King George III

Margaret Nicholson manages to stab him and he dies of septicemia. This puts George IV on the throne a decade early, while he's heavily in debt and living in sin with his Catholic mistress. He also appoints Fox as PM, on the eve of the French Revolution.

Napoleon's Dynamite

(Possibly linked to above)
Karl Scheele discovers nitroglycerin, which the du Ponts improve into batons of 'azodoucine'. They later flee to America after their house is ransacked during the Terror. Not long after, someone publishes Le Manuel d'Anarchie, a rambling screed which also includes instructions for making azodoucine.

Though The Heavens Fall

Asteroid 1938 Hermes strikes Ohio in April 1942, killing 20 million people and knocking the U.S. out of the war for several years. There won't be a Manhattan Project or Lend Lease in TTL.
Kind of want to write a dark TL where the American Revolution goes horribly wrong. We're talking of French style massacres, purges and coups. But I'm busy with my other two TLs. When I finish "Until every drop of blood is paid", perhaps I'll give it a shot. Though it's been a year, I've just reached the first year of the war, and I want to get to the modern day, so... yeah.