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Monarchs {TheBeanieBaron]
Here's a update for the list of monarchs of the Worldrai up to 1714. I've removed most of the pre-1485 changes and changed how England inherited Castile greatly. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Scotland (1488 -)
Houses of Stuart (1488 -)
1488-1513: James IV (1473-1513)
1513-1542: James V (1512-1542)
1542-1567: Mary I (1542-1587)
1567-1625: James VI (1567-1625), King of Denmark [1] after 1577 and King of England after 1595
1625-Present: Concurrent succession with England
England (1327-)
Houses of Planetagenet (1327-1399), Lancaster (1399-1461. 1470-'71), York (1461-'70, 1471-'85), Tudor (1485-1595), and Stuart (1595-)
1327-1377: Edward III (1312-1377)
1377-1399: Richard II (1367-1400)
1399-1413: Henry IV (1367-1413)
1413-1422: Henry V (1386-1422)
1422-1461: Henry VI & II (1421-1471), first reign, King of France [2] after 1437
1461-1470: Edward IV & II (1442-1483), first reign
1470-1471: Henry VI & II (1421-1471), second reign
1471-1483: Edward IV & II (1442-1483), second reign
1483: Edward V & III (1470-1483)
1483-1485: Richard IV (1452-1485)
1485-1509: Henry VII (1457-1509), also jure uxoris King of Castile [3]
1509-1541: Henry VIII & VI (1486-1541), King of Castile after 1530
1541-1560: Henry IX & VII (1503-1560), King of Ireland after 1542
1560-1595: Joanna II (1528-1595)
1595-1625: James VII & I (1567-1625), King of Scotland-Denmark since 1567
1625-1649: Charles VII & I (1600-1649)
1649-1685: Charles VIII & II (1630-1685)
1685-1688: James VII (1633-1701)
1689-1694: Mary I (1662-1694)
1689-1707: William III [4] (1650-1707), co-monarch and husband, Stadholder of the Netherlands since 1650
1707-1714: Anne (1665-1714), sister-in-law of prior
Castile (1366-)
Houses of Trastamara (1366-1530), and Tudor (1585-)
1366-1379: Enrique/Henry II (1334-1379)
1379-1390: Juan/John I (1358-1390)
1390-1406: Henry III (1379-1406)
1406-1454: John II (1405-1454)
1454-1474: Henry IV (1425-1474)
1474-1479: Isabella I (1451-1504)
1479-1530: Joanna I (1462-1530), half-sister of prior
1485-1509: Henry V (1457-1509), co-monarch and husband, also King of England as Henry VII
1530-1541: Henry VI (1486-1541), King of England as Henry VIII since 1509
1541-Present: Concurrent succession with England
France (1328 -)
Houses of Valois (1328-1437), Lancaster (1437-)
1328-1350: Philippe/Philip VI (1293-1350)
1350-1364: Jean/John II (1319-1364)
1364-1380: Charles V (1337-1380)
1380-1420: Charles VI (1368-1420)
1420-1437: Catherine I (1401-1437)
1420-1429: Charles VII (1403-1429), claimant
1437-1461: Henri/Henry VI & II (1421-1471), King of England since 1422
1461-Present: Concurrent succession with England

[1] Sophie of Mecklenburg-Gustrow ends up giving birth to a stillborn son in 1577. Her husband Frederick II of Denmark dies shortly after, leaving Denmark in a succession crisis. James Douglas, Earl of Morton and regent for James VI of Scotland, successfully got the young monarch to be elected as King of Denmark and arranged his marriage to Frederick's only suriving child Anne (Elizabeth died in 1576 at the age of 3).
[2] Henry VI's wife Catherine ends up becoming Queen of France via a change to France's succession laws in an alternate version of the Treaty of Troyes and the sudden death of her father Charles VI in 1420. Catherine's brother (also named Charles) disputed her right to the throne and tried to take it himself, but was defeatd and executed due to Joan of Ark not receiving her vision to fight against the English.
[3] England-France supports Joanna la Beltraneja's side in the War of the Castilian Succession, allowing her to win. Unfortunately, her husband Afonso V of Portugal died in a hunting accident before the war's end. This causes her to remarry to Henry Tudor, who would later become King of England.
[4] William III lives 5 years longer than in OTL and marries an Portuguese Infanta after the death of his first wife Mary. The marriage doesn't result in any children and William is succeeded by his sister-in-law Anne.
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Just wondering if you guys have a list of undeveloped places left to work on that I could look at? I support everything about this project its marvelous but I'm kinda castrated from mapmaking because of my schedule/not having a physical computer anymore aside from my smartphone lol, but I selfishly want to suggest a country for Bob to work on but idk which one he hasn't already accomplished 0:
If anyone wants to take a crack at an area this is a VERY rough map of what is available.
Red = Totally available
Pink = possible availability [open to negotiation]
White = open to negotiation but likely to be blended with existing IF accepted

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