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I think that the title of the Dutch hereditary governor position can be Stadtholder.

On a related note, the Omni-Monarch can serve as Switzerland’s head of state while the head of government can be called President and rotate between the confederation’s members.
Mamluk Kingdom and Anglo-Mamluk Sudan (BH)
Anglo-Mamluk Egypt and Anglo-Mamluk Co-Dominiom of Sudan key.png
Busy Sunday, couldn't find any real q-bams covering the Congo without Belgium being involved.
So, I took 1885 congo.pngfrom my own 1885 map, sahel.png from another,
slaves-sources-africa-big-w-central-africa.png for the coast and 4721.jpg for Congo tribes.
Put them on un-changed congo.png to produce;-
changed congo.png

(colours are holding pattern only)
Is there some kind of overly complicated condominium system in East Africa, where there are vassals of vassals of vassals of the Sultan of Zanzibar, who is a vassal of the Omni-Monarch?

Older Version


More accurate (but as you can see, even more incomplete) newer version of the Map.

Also, incase it wasn't obvious, they're both incomplete but detailed enough to seem good to share.