WorldRaj tribute thread

Royal Standard (BH)
Royal Standard of the WorldRaj

If anyone wants to try it ;
View attachment 751167 @Crazy Boris's patch overlaid with the basemap
and View attachment 751168 then with the current map.

If you want to include in Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas either as Texan or Independent, feel free up to the Spanish border. Likewise up to the French border and further north is also available for a larger Texas.

Let us know if you intend to take it.
That is a cursed Texas
As no one claimed it ;

Tejas, Coahuila and Mecklenburgian colony of Neu Schwerin [Don't know what was wrong with the old F**king Schwerin:biggrin:]
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There isn't because we've not needed one thus far.

Did you have an area in mind, I can negotiate if its taken.

[Its not just blank areas that are available, just ask]
No no, I mean a key of the different subdivisions on a given area, telling which one is which.
Sorry for bad english 😅