WI: War of 1812 United States Has More Frigates?

What if during the War of 1812 the United States Navy starts the war with something like 22 to 25 Frigates? Say a few key differences in the Revolution, Barbary Wars and the Quasi-Naval war with France convinces enough members of Congress to loosen the purse strings enough to fund and maintain a stronger Navy when the War of 1812 breaks out. How does this change the way the United States goes about the war early on and what strategy is employed? How do the British react do we see more ships of the line leave European waters earlier? Are opportunities created for privateers and clipper ships? Overall do you think the war ends in pretty much the same stalemate? Is there a reaction from Napoleonic France? Does it shorten or prolong the war?
Given the massive disparities between the US and Royal Navies, I don't see how even that number of frigates could play a significant role unless they are built on the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. That could make a critical difference during the battles on the Ontario peninsula.
I have often wondered if the USN was stronger before the War of 1812, would that have deterred the British from stopping and searching American ships? I am reading Michael Beschloss book "Presidents of War". In there he writes that Jefferson ordered mothballing of most of the USN frigates. They rotted at anchor. What if instead, the existing frigates and some additional frigates were on regular patrols on the approaches to US ports, would the British have backed down on stopping and searching American ships? It is my understanding that the British decided to stop searching American ships and impressing US seamen but the information got the American government after the declaration of war.

Regarding the Great Lakes, I do agree that have several ships there combined with better leadership of the US Army would have made a difference.


Jefferson's naval ideas undermined the early navy. The southern states failed to understand coastal defense began out of sight of land. They and the inland areas did not wish to fund a navy. Only after 1806-7 did the Navy begin to receive useful, barely, funding.

At this time, the US Navy would be unable to man and utilize more than 8 or 9 frigates. More sloops and brigs would be better for a guerre-de-course.