WI:USA Doesn't Join the Barbary Wars

IOTL joining the Barbary Wars was a contentious decision as forming a US Naval force arguably resembled forming an unconstitutional "standing army". However, participating allowed the US to take its first steps to a confident presence on the seas, and to show the world that the US could defend its economic needs without direct intervention by a European Power.
What if the opponents to building a US navy got their way at the federal level and no war was declared against the Barbary states?
1. How would merchants adapt to their undefended status against pirates?
a. Would they seek help from European Powers?/ Would US states make build their own navies to protect their resident merchants?/ etc.?
2. How long could the US continue without building a national naval force?

Big Smoke

One or the things, along with being a slaver, who, however, did a lot to contain slavery, that tarnished the legacy of Thomas Jefferson.

I think merchants who shipped in Barbary Lands were fully aware of the risk and should be responsible for their actions. Its not the business of the US government to conduct military operations in northern Africa, nor any government for that matter. Merchants will ne less inclined to trade unprotected in the Mediterranean, and those who do will use protection. Thise already captured would probably be either ransomed or sold into slavery. All in all, the whole affair would be a loss for both countries.
IIRC, the US protected some of it's merchant fleet by paying protection money to some of the BS... but those agreements fell through at times, which is one reason why the US eventually built the USN and went after the pirates. Maybe a POD for 'no USN' this early could be 'the US negotiates payments to all of the BS and none of them fall through'... still, as the US grows and gains in power, it's a rather humiliating thing to have to bear, hard to imagine that they won't deal with the problem permanently at some point...
I don't see the government continuing to fork over 20% of revenue to pay protection money, but it might just be that American merchantmen know that they are going into dangerous waters and as a result Mediterranean trade becomes less common for them.

As for the Barbary States, once the Napoleonic Wars end, their days are numbered. The Royal Navy likely puts a swift end to their activities, especially considering they had a base at Malta at that point.