Inspired by a discussion on a different forum:

Let's say that the Ottoman Empire is knocked out of WW1 much earlier, resulting in Sykes–Picot Agreement being implemented. But the Bolshevik Revolution still occurs and the Russian-controlled parts of Anatolia are turned into the Turkish SSR.

How do you envision the area developing under Soviet rule? How would this impact geopolitics? Etc.
Depending on how much of Anatolia would it even be a Turkish SSR? If it was only areas of the east then you could get a greater Armenian SSR, a Kurdish SSR and prehaps even a Pontic SSR.
I think it's more likely that USSR will make a bigger Armenian SSR, but in that SSR there may be a Turkic and a Pontic Greek ASSR.

This discussion reminded me of this map.
I also found this one.

I thought they might be handy to someone.


I agree that there'd be enlarged Georgian and Armenian SSRs, somehow I see Turkey becoming a People's Republic rather than a SSR if they fall under Soviet control. I could also see the Entente occupying western and southern Anatolia.