WI the Yom Kippur War is an Israeli victory from the start?

In the OTL war, Egyptian forces surprised the Israelis, and defeated the defenders along the Suez Canal. Then they repulsed the first Israeli counterattack. Later, the Israelis got it together, and decisively defeated the Egyptians.

However, the Egyptians had for the first time won a real operation and tactical victory against the Israelis. It's been suggested that having at least a glove on the Israelis made it psychologically possible for Egypt to make peace with Israel - it relieved the utter humiliation of the previous lopsided defeats.

Also, 1973 may have been a wake-up call for Israel. It exposed the complacency of Israel's intelligence agencies and military, and showed that Israel might actually be vulnerable.

It's been noted in this recent thread that Israeli intelligence was uncharacteristically inept in the period before the war.

Suppose Israeli intelligence is on the ball instead, Israeli leaders have several days warning instead of a few hours, and properly prepared Israeli forces defeat the Egyptian attack across the Canal.

Does another lopsided outcome like 1967 and 1956 leave Egypt too bitter to make peace? Or Israel too cocky to negotiate?
I suspect that the completion of the Aswan High Dam had a lot to do with Egypt basically making permanent peace with Israel. When the reservoir was filled during the early 1970s, Egypt became a 'One Nuke Country', in the sense that a single nuclear attack could kill a very large fraction of the Egyptian population and basically destroy the vital infrastructure at the same time.

I do wonder whether the Soviets considered this when they provided a lot of financial and logistical support for its construction.