In OTL, France demanded territorial compensation from both Austria and Prussia in return for neutrality.

France demanded Venetia and an independent Rhenish state from Austria in the case of an Austrian victory, Austria agreed but an Austrian victory is very unlikely so we can ignore this.

France demanded the Palatinate region from Prussia in return for French neutrality, but Bismarck rejected the French offer under the assumption that the war would be a short victory (which it was). Luxembourg was also on the table.

In OTL, the Austro-Prussian War ended up with France getting no territorial compensation besides Venetia which it immediately ceded to Italy.


So, what if Bismarck had accepted the French offer and ceded Palatinate? Also, what if France had kept Venetia after it had been given to them (instead of ceding it to Italy). The situation with Luxembourg is confusing, it might be demilitarized, absorbed into France after the Austro-Prussian War, or bought by France later on.

Moselland, Hunsrück, Naheland, the Saarland & Rhenish Hesse could be argued to be apart of the historical/geographical Palatinate region, so they might be included.

Lombardy is on the map because France had been given Lombardy following the Second War of Italian Independence. Although if France had kept Lombardy, they might not have gotten Upper Savoy & Nice, and the Franco-Prussian War probably wouldn't have happened the same way it did in OTL, so I'm wary about including it.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?