WI: Suleiman the Magnificent dies around the 1550s

What if the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, possibly during one of his campaigns against Safavid Persia, dies during a battle between the Safavids?

How would this effect the line of succession, and which one of Suleiman’s sons can get to the capital first?
When in the 1550s? If it is before 1553, Mustafa becomes Sultan at the age of 38. The Pasha's either support him or face the wrath of the Janissary Corps. Selim and/or Bayezid aren't immediately killed but their life won't suddenly be better as they will remain captives.

Mustafa may rule at best 20-25 years and wraps up the war in Persia sooner rather than later to fight a new war in Hungary. If that succeeds he may either start a new campaign in Southern Italy or the Caucasus. I don't expect massive expansion in Europe anymore. Consolidating what is already Ottoman is there.

There is also Bayezid. If Mustafa dies and Selim dies later as well the best candidate is Bayezid. He was rather a warrior type who would not take it lightely to lose. Seems like he would continue the Persian Campaign as long as he can to get as much as possible. He was 28 when Mustafa died so he becomes Sultan at the age of 28-34. At best he'd have a reign of 30-35 years. I highly doubt he would fight a new war before getting the best result out from the current war.

No point in telling about Selim II as we kinda know his rule.

Cihangir was a clever Prince, but was also handicapped. Militarily he couldn't do much without risking his health. He could however consolidate the the current Imperial Borders and solve internal issues. His battles have to be fought by his Pasha's.