WI Scotland had qualified for Euro 2008 instead of France?

Scotland came very close to pipping France to second place in their Euro 2008 qualifying group, but ultimately fell short after losing their last two games 2-0 to Georgia and 2-1 to Italy. What would've happened if they'd won one/both of those games and reached the Euros at Les Bleus' expense?

Well, assuming they'd have directly taken France's place in the draw, they'd have ended up in a Group of Death alongside the Netherlands, Italy (again) and Romania, which would've been tough to qualify from. And even if they had, they'd have had to face either eventual champs Spain or surprise packages Russia in the QFs, and I don't see them beating either of them.

However, I'd like to think the confidence gained from that qualifying success would continue into future qualifying campaigns; Alex McLeish would likely have stayed and not gone to Birmingham City had they qualified. In that scenario, I can see them easily qualifying for the 2010 World Cup, and probably at least two more throughout the 10s, especially as George Burley and (possibly) Craig Levein would be butterflied away.

As for France, I would imagine Raymond Domenech would've been sacked after not qualifying for the Euros; I can't say who'd replace him, but France would likely fare a lot better in qualifying for the 2010 World Cup and in the tournament itself under them (possibly butterflying away the Henry handball?).

And there's another team that could see some major butterflies as a result: Arsenal. With McLeish not taking the Birmingham City job, whoever does so instead might decide Martin Taylor is still not needed and sell him or keep him on loan for the rest of the season. That would butterfly away that tackle on Eduardo that derailed his career and Arsenal's title challenge that season. With a fit Eduardo still playing, might Arsenal have been able to pip United to the Prem title that season? If so, might they have been able to mount consistent title challenges again in the subsequent seasons, with Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie et al not deserting them for immediate rivals?

Anyone else got any ideas as to how this might go?
We would have been lower seeds, so suspect we would have avoided the Group of Death (thankfully).

That being said, had we done so, one, maybe two points would have been doable, but we would have struggled.

A better what if is if we won the rights to host said tournament. Lennart Johansson said it was the strongest bid. Sepp Blatter was allegedly the reason the bid failed, wanting his home nation of Switzerland to host (the Irish never helped much being wishy washy over the use of Croke Park).

Given Scotland tend to do very well at home and only really struggle on their travels, I could see a run happening. It would mean new stadiums in Aberdeen and Dundee alongside an early expansion of Easter Road. The opening match being at Hampden and the final at Murrayfield. This could have given a massive boost to the Scottish game.
I agree with the way for Scotland qualifying is hosting the tournament, though instead of the Irish I would have personally gone with the Welsh which with hindsight seems like a no brainer as not only is there inferstructure there but also this would see Wales qualify.

To have this all we need is Blatter out of the way, though I wonder if Scotland put on a decent show, plus without England not qualifying as like with OTL in which they get a lot of media attention the could Scotland qualify for the 2010 World Cup?

With the stadiums IIRC the Dundee clubs were to share their new ground and I wonder how better they might have been with the money they would have gotten had they sold off Dens and Tannadice plus let's not forget Aberdeen. So many butterflies at club level all over the place that I don't know where to begin.
IIRC, Scotland and Wales were going to make a joint bid for Euro 2016, but withdrew due to a lack of funds.

I actually think Scotland could've made a half decent solo bid for the Euros; they could've used the two national stadiums, the two Old Firm stadiums, the two Edinburgh stadiums and new stadiums for Aberdeen and the Dundee clubs. Problem is I believe UEFA aren't that keen on having three host stadiums in the same city, so two instances of that probably wouldn't go down very well with TPTB.