WI: Russia vs. Ukraine at the 2014 World Cup

The premise: Ukraine beats France in the last round of UEFA qualifying in 2013, making it to the World Cup. Then (being the team moved from Pot 4 to pot 2), it's drawn into the same group as Russia. Let's say it's group F, as well containing Argentina and Iran, and Russia and Ukraine face off at the end of the group stage on June 25 to compete for second place and a berth in the round of 16.

It seems to me that there would be positive feedback between OTL's Russo-Ukrainian military tensions and this ATL's athletic tensions, but can we predict any particular scope for escalation?
I predict Ukraine wins 4-0

It wouldn't change anything on the ground but it would change international perceptions of the crisis and likely make more people aware.
1956 Olympic water polo Soviet Union vs Hungary,expect a repeat.
Russia will probably win as the entire Ukrainian team will have received red cards.