Who would win?

  • Grand Fleet (Britain)

    Votes: 42 87.5%
  • High Seas Fleet (Germany)

    Votes: 6 12.5%

  • Total voters
As it says on the tin - let's say that the Wilhelmshaven and Kiel Mutinies never occur or are suppressed in their early stages. The Naval Order of October 24th is carried out, and the High Seas Fleet sets sail to meet the Grand Fleet in a final battle. Who would win this confrontation?

Personally, my money would be on the RN emerging victorious, as British morale was high while German morale was low (even if the mutinies are avoided, there would still be discontent amongst sailors), major improvements to the state of the Grand Fleet had taken place since Jutland, and British officers were anticipating and preparing for such a battle to take place.

But what are your thoughts?

(Also, as a related question, what impact would no Kiel Mutiny have on domestic German politics?)
My vote is for the British as well. But it would also depend on what ships are involved. When, where, weather conditions, conditions of engagement, and commanding officer. Also the state of repair/disrepair of all ships involved, and the numbers. Obviously if all the German capital ships run into a singular cruiser or destroyer division there are going to be issues with a British win scenario.
Some people have Wargamed it out:

(It's an excellent video, and an excellent channel for WW2-Earlier Naval stuff generally.)

TL;DW: British probably win.
The British have (to greater or lesser extent) solved their issues (Though Flag Officer Seymour is still in place): Gunnery has improved, the Battlecruisers aren't floating Powder Kegs, better (non defective) shells have been issued, and they have even more numbers thanks to the Americans sending over a squadron.
The Germans... However. Their numerical Inferiority has gotten worse, and crew quality has probably deteriorated over time due to a lack of Sea Time.
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