WI: Napoleon III assassinated in 1858?

In 1858, an Italian nationalist by the name of Felice Orsini attempted to assassinate French emperor Napoleon III, while he and his wife were on the way to the theatre in the Rue Le Peletier, and failed to kill them. What if he had succeeded, and the bomb breaks through the glass and lands on the carriage itself? Can a war with Britain break out? IOTL, the attempt was found to be supported by British radicals, causing a diplomatic crisis. Here, the emperor is actually killed, and the anti-British sentiment might be much higher. How does this affect Italian unification, the Second Schleswig War, the Second Mexican Empire, the ACW, and the German Question? What happens to the Second French Empire?
Doubt that would cause a war with Britain . I think the most probable in France is a monarchist restoration LN still were popular a this point but the empire probably won’t survive him his son his far too young and the possible regent aren’t popular enough no French help in the Italian unification