Scenario: the Entente’s war effort is much more successful in the midst of WWI in 1916. Brusilov’s Offensive in the east is properly supported by general Evert or an earlier Romanian DoW, the Battle of the Somme sees more success in capturing German ground, and the Kaiserliche Marine is crippled at Jutland. As a result of more successes in the war, the February Revolution in Russia is delayed till after the war, which ends sometime around the middle of 1917. Turkey and Bulgaria fight on for a little longer, but ultimately sue for peace.
What would be the post-war situation?
One particular region i’m unsure about is the Balkans — Russia will be eyeing Constantinople, but will also want to punish Bulgaria somehow, seeming that they joined the CP prior to war’s end...
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Hopefully this isn’t considered necroing (it’s been less than a month, so I think I’m good), but if the Russian Empire survives WWI and comes out with a few spoils, then it’s entirely possible for the Russian Revolution to be avoided or at least mitigated. A lot of the causes of the February Revolution originated well before WWI, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was ultimately low morale caused by the war effort. If Russia wins, this obviously isn’t a problem, and if anything the support for the Tsar increases. But the social problems within the Russian Empire still exist, so at least some reform is inevitable. We even saw this in the United Kingdom after WWI in OTL where the British implemented new social and political change after movements for such were fueled by the effects of the war effort. Assuming these reforms succeed, by around the 1930s I think the Russian Empire would be more of a constitutional monarchy, albeit with a system that shares more similarities with the German Empire’s than the United Kingdom’s.

Bump. What about the integrity of Austria-Hungary?
Overall, an earlier defeat probably means a better deal for the Central Powers. The revolutions in Germany and Austria-Hungary wouldn’t have happened yet, which is going to mean that the German Empire is capitulating to the Entente rather than the Weimar Republic. I don’t think Austria-Hungary will fare too well (AFAIK, the Russian Empire supported creating Czechoslovakia in OTL), but I can see Hungary and, at the very least, Austria remaining monarchies. This will be interesting for Germany though. A lot of the arguments far-right groups used later on won’t exist without the establishment of the Weimar Republic, and if anything increased blame on the monarchists for losing WWI could cause Germany to move to the left.
The February revolution would probably happen even if the Russians were winning. So in this scenario there may be a democratic Russia. If the war ends in the middle of 1917 then Russia will be focused on internal matters such as the elections and land reform.
Czar probably falls, but we likely end up with a russia that doesn't go communist. Think Belize with snow for the likely level of development.