WI: France Wins WW1 By Christmas?

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It'd be a blow to the Kaiser and all. They might still be there, but even if there's a reaction, the Republicans are going to be much stronger
The Kaiser indubitably 'd be faced with a massive loss of prestige. Though, perhaps, especially if he isn't forced to abdicate cause he'd refuse to acknowledge that given the military situation Germany should ask for terms to the Entente... But, what its sure it's that it, (IMO) might be a near fatal blow to the traditional Prussian junkers militarism and specifically to the Imperial German Army and its Great General Staff. Also, I guess that in this situation, aside that Italy would remain neutral that the Austro-Hungarians will be seeking to accord their own separate terms with the Entente Powers.
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While it is possible to get Germany into a position that it will “Lose” WW1 in the west by Chritmas (as it is to do with France/GB) it is not possible to do so in such a way that Germany can be forced into accepting a horrible treaty. (As indeed France/GB can not lose that badly that fast) It is simply not possible without a drastic change before the war starts, to get that drastic a loss.

So the treaty will be closer to a true treaty not a dictated terms situation. So losing A/L is probably as bad as it gets for Germany.

BTW the western bias (or anti German bias) that often shows up on this forum can be seen here with the reference to “stolen” territories. Not really sure why Germany taking territories from France after France lost the Franco/Prussian war (a war France was not exactly the innocent party in) would be or should be viewed any different then all the other time territories and boarders habe changed after a war. WW1 and WW2 being obvious examples.
If the French pull this off, I don't see them taking big concessions from Germany either. After all, this is just a quick war Alsace-Lorraine is a given of course, and probably Germany signing a naval treaty as well. Austria will be giving Bosnia to Serbia, but likely not much more, and there might be a short Romanian-AH war with the victory of the latter (AH army is not completely gutted ITTL).

The really big changes will be internal, my guess is:
- Junkers and Prussian militarists in Germany are going to take a serious blow
- I don't think they will go Communist, there is little support for that, especially since the war was not devastating to the civilian population. I do expect a new constitution and the Kaiser sidelined to a real ceremonial role, might even abdicate in favor of his son to soften the blow and save the monarchy.
- AH will keep together, but Karl will have to implement reforms once Franz Josef dies. This could go either way, but the Monarchy is much stronger this time, so we could see a proper Danubian Federation rise
- There will likely will be a war with Italy, and it will probably be a dismal failure for the Italians. This could boost unity in the new Federation
- Whisper it, but I could also see the DF going neutral after concluding the war with Italy. This is of course a kind of exit from Great Power politics, but this way they have a big chance of being a cultural and scientific center of Europe
- Russia will continue their growth and look at Constantinople. The Great Game will soon be back on track and Britain could even warm up to Germany.