WI: Earlier US Battlecruiser for Asiatic Squadron/ Fort improvement allowed after WNT

Hello I am looking into possibilities and their consequences.

I am fine if the chances of it happening would be small as long as they can happen.

My thoughts are on a fast battleship using 9 12" guns but armored against 14 inch guns doing 30 knots serving as US Asiatic Flagship.

Would the Japanese a better version or would Japanese not fear a 12 inch battlecruiser since they already got 4 Kongos by this time?

Secondly, would US allows Philippine legislature financing this Battlecruiser/Fast battleship similar to OTL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Rizal_(DD-174), manned and financed by Philippines.

I am basing this on Chile's capability to purchase BB in OTL, while Philippines in OTL became larger by 1915 than Chilean economy according to Angus Maddisson.

Would US allow the Wyoming/Florida BBs to be scrapped in replacement of the 1 ATL BC instead during Washington Naval Treaty? Or would the US naval planners prefer to retain Standard-type BBs and Federal Government finance BBs?


The other is if Washington Naval Treaty allows removal of prohibition of expansion of bases. If fortification would be allowed what are the consequences.

Would the treaty pass as is minus treaty prohibition? Or would the Japanese leave the table due to the Fort Prohibition clause?