OTL, the British occupied the core parts of the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia0 during the Napoleonic wars and considered annexing the Dutch East Indies outright. Assuming that for whatever reason this went through (well, whatever reason that isn't a Napoleonic victory, which is the best way for this to happen but not too plausible), how would things go (in Indonesia and the surrounding area)?

My main questions are:

  • How does this affect demographics in the East Indies and Australia?
  • How would the British govern
    • I assume they'd keep the lands that the Dutch held directly along with the Straits settlements and land unclaimed by local rulers (so like the relatively unimportant inland parts of larger islands) and control it directly, with the native states becoming protectorates with British "Residents" or "advisors" in the royal courts (possibly some more centralized/united areas like OTL federal Malaya) I want my assumptions to be corrected if they're wrong
    • Where would they govern from? Java? Singapore? Melaka?
  • How would expansion go? Would the British necessarily expand into all of Indonesia and Malaysia or would some parts go to other powers (notably would North Borneo, as part of the Sultanate of Sulu end up in Spanish hands as they had influence over Sulu, were interested in the land and ITTL Britain has bigger fish to fry in the region)
  • Would the White Rajahs still come to rule Sarawak? I doubt it but I'm no expert.
  • How would all of this effect modern borders?
    • Would Indonesia and Malaysia or at least Malaya remain united?
    • Would the Portuguese be allowed to have more land on Timor? All of it?
    • Would the British still colonize New Guinea and if so how much of it (this obviously effects modern borders)
      • would this New Guinea if it exists be more likely to end up as part of Indonesia or independent?
    • Would Brunei (TTL possibly larger than the OTL city-state) still be independent from *Indonesia?