WI:Bonaparte follow Paoli, Napoleon born in London

I was reading about the history of Napoleon’s father, Carlo Bonaparte,(don’t ask me why) and he was an personal assistant of Pasquale Paoli, that after the annexation of Corsica by France, go to the exile in London. Carlo, in contrast, go to French side and get a job in the local administration.
Paoli go to the exile in near may of 1769, after the defeat in Ponte Novu, and Napoleon born in august of the same year, 3 months and 6 days before the defeat. What if Carlo Bonaparte follow Paoli to London, or die in Ponte Novu and his pregnant wife go to London, how this new birthplace would affect his life and how far he can go in the British army? Maybe leader troops in the 1812’s War?
Religion would be a problem. Catholics had limited opportunities in 18C England. But it is possible that a young Napoleon might have conformed.