After Edward IV landed near Ravenspur in 1471 to reclaim the throne of England, he began to assemble an army and March south with volunteers and defectors, namely his brother George of Clarence. Finally he went on to besiege Warwick's castle at Coventry.

However, Warwick had far greater numbers, with his own 10 thousand men in the Castle, another 10 thousand reinforcing nearby, his brother John tailing behind Edward with around 3 thousand, and Oxford with 6 thousand from the east, leaving only the west open by George's defection.

For some unknown reason, even with an outnumbered Edward practically surrounded and within reach, Richard Neville refused to engage and left Edward to escape during the night, chasing him afterwards and meeting his fate on Edward's terms at Barnet.

But what if it wasn't so? What if Neville had his brain working that day instead of being affected by George's defection? What if Edward had been attacked from three sides while outnumbered by an overwhelming force and broken? In one move all three of Richard of York's sons could be eliminated and the Lancasters would be uncontested on the Throne. What happens then? Would Warwick betray the Lancasters and make himself Henry VI's Protector? Maybe he can reconcile with George? How would he get a grandchild of his' on the throne as his ambition would settle for nothing less? Perhaps he would stay loyal to the Lancasters as once Westminster has a child with his daughter, he will get his wish.
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If Warwick does give battle against the Yorks and wind he is going to stay with the Lancastrians for the long run, especially since he can hope to be made Lord Protector. I could see some of Elizabeth Woodville’s supporters try to free her and her son.

What would be interesting is if Henry VI passes away in ~1472 and the young Edward of Westminster becomes Edward ‘IV’ (I can’t see him taking V as his numbering if there is no reconciliation between the Lancasters and Yorks). This Edward IV then tries to emancipate himself from Warwick and do his own thing. So, after years of fighting and risking everything, Warwick will have replaced the rebellious Edward IV with… an equally rebellious Edward IV. The irony would be delicious!