WI Argentina won the 2014 World Cup?

So after tonight's display against Croatia tonight, I've been thinking back to 4 years ago when Messi and co. Came so close to winning it in Rio, could've all been so different.

So if let's say Messi led Argentina to glory in their rival's backyard, what would be the after effects and would Messi be up there with Maradona?
Messi would win the Ballon d'Or

God knows how it would affect his performance in 2014/15. I guess the failure in the final might have motivated him to perform better. Barcelona might not win the treble.
It would be the ultimate humiliation for Brazil. It’s one thing to be utterly demolished in the semi-final, but it’s another entirely different thing to have your biggest and closest rival win the biggest competition in the world in your own backyard. Argentina would never let Brazil get over that.
If Higuain were more lucky, Argentina would celebrate.
Messi would certainly be treated the same way as Maradona, but now he'll always remain in the shade of Maradona and perhaps Kempes who brought Argentina first title in 1978.
It's a pity that Messi will probably never win World cup.