WI: All sons of Hugh Capet dies before him

How different a history of Europe would be (both in a short and in a long terms) assuming that Hugh Capet, first post Carolingian King, would lost all of his sons before his death? This means that there is no House of Capet - including cadet branches... The Kingdom was a t a time and elective monarchy, the feudal chaos was in its peak. So it's gonna be interesting.
Well, Duke Henri of Burgundy is still alive, even though he would die childless IOTL in 1002.

Thereafter, there is still the solution of restoring the Carolinian dynasty. Otton, Duke of Lower Lorraine, and his brother Louis, both sons of Charles of Lower Lorraine and grandsons of Louis IV and therefore a cousin to Louis V, the last Carolinian king.
However, it doesn't seem they left any male offspring.