In 1914, during the leadup to World War I, Italian general Alberto Pollio died. The official cause of death was a heart attack, but suspicions that he was murdered have floated for over a century.

What if he had lived?
Making the goddess of butterflies make the heart attack go away, well let's say that relations between the military and the political side of Italy will be better...Pollio was not disliked like Cadorna and have a much less abravise personality and getting in return much more trust from the goverment; it's much more probable that he will keep in the loop of the various negotiation and so the Giolitti faction that support keeping a neutral position in the war will have one more ally and in a key position's not a given that this mean a neutral Italy but the odd now are a little more favorable to this outcome.

In case of war, well while i still expect a very authoritarian management of the war and an harsh discipline, i doubt that he will go to Cadorna level and there will be a much better coordination with the goverment