WI Aberdeen FC Won the Scottish Premiership in 2016?

As we all know in football, the 2015/16 season is one that many will know that Leicester stunned the world to win the Premier League and is seen as one of the greatest football stories ever told. However what some won't know is that north of the border in Scotland, Aberdeen were (at least until Christmas) daring to challenge Celtic for the league. As we all know though, Celtic would finish in first by a good few points though it must be noted this was thanks to Aberdeen falling apart towards the end of the season in which their failure to spend in the winter transfer window to bolster the squad would be critical in deciding their fate and letting a very lacklustre Celtic side off the hook in which had they been challenged would have struggled.

So the question is what if Aberdeen managed to pull off a huge upset, perhaps bigger that Leicester, to win the league from Celtic that season and the ramifications of that effecting the rest of Scottish football going forward? Honestly big POD is the winter transfer window in which they bite the bullet and go for bringing in more players and perhaps then with Celtic seeing they have a real challenger testing their bottle that isn't Rangers. Interested to hear what others might think about happen.
Hard to see very much changing in the grand scheme of things, other than many non-Old Firm fans being ecstatic to see the long running domination come to an end for a season and Derek McInnes gaining his place among the greatest legends of Aberdeen (maybe securing a better job down south or abroad).

Celtic would still go onto hire Brenden Rodgers, probably, maybe Celtic do better in the Europa League the following year since the 16-17 season was probably Rodgers best in Europe. Hard to see Celtic not investing heavily to win the league as in the OTL, some key Aberdeen players likely leaving as they're unlikely to make the Champions League Group Stages. Aberdeen likely finish 2nd like the OTL and Rangers 3rd.

Maybe Gerrard isn't tempted to Rangers because 10-In-A-Row isn't a thing, hard to say if that was what enticed him or just the general stature of Rangers. But just like Leicester, I don't see Aberdeen winning the title changing the OTL nature of Scottish football to any huge degree. The only POD that might do that is the start of the 15/16 season seeing Stewart Milne sell off the club to a richer owner willing to invest serious money as a prestige purchase (Ala Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, etc) and then capitialising on the win to turn the league into a three-horse race but reducing the massive finanical gap between the Old Firm and Aberdeen.
Yeah, I honestly don't think much would've changed in the long term. If anything, losing the 10 then might've actually benefitted Celtic in the long term as they'd have probably let Edouard, Christie and the other players who'd clearly had enough by last season leave sooner and rebuild sooner, thus meaning the utter mess they made of last season could've been averted.

I honestly don't think much would've changed for Aberdeen either; maybe a couple more cup wins over the next few years and a smoother transition into the post McInnes era compared to this season. I think most people, them included probably, would probably have been of the opinion that they didn't win the league that season, Celtic lost it.
I think a bigger Leicester in Scotland would have been Kilmarnock winning the 2018-19 season, after all, they were close to them at stages, and did lead the Prem in the 16th week.