After yesterday with Croatia being in the final, I did get thinking about the former Yugoslavia team had the country not gone to war and the team was still together. I'm not asking about how to butterfly away the war as that has already been done, I'm curious as for what would be the butterfly effects of a Yugoslavia team and league still in place as of 2018.

Would they win Euro '92? Without the breakup of the country would that butterfly away the expansion of the Euro's for 2016? Maybe a World Cup victory in 1998?

Interested to hear what you might think.
Yugoslavia wasn't that good at sports. If you look history of Olympic Games, Yugoslavia won less medals than all the states of the Warsaw Pact, and was lagging behind Western states. The problem with football was that state policy demanded the equal representation of all peoples and republics in national team, which led to quarrels and poor selections. League was dominated by two main clubs - Crvena Zvezda and Partizan and that was state policy. Yugoslavian main sport was actually basketball, and besides handball, waterpolo and basketball, Yugoslavia didn't have much success in other sports. Croatia alone has two medals from WC.

About football, Yugoslavia was capable of winning Euro 1992., only if she can settle political situation. Many players played for national team because they were forced to.