What would Amarelo folklore look like?

Around the world, folklore is defined as an expressive body of culture held by people composed of traditions and customs common to that culture. Folklore is often influenced and changed by culture, history and religion which affects its development and expansion. In fact, I decided to create a thread discussing about folklore from an alternate history and how it would play out.

For those who are unfamiliar about the Kaom Amarelo, this is a basic summary of their history:
The Kaom Amarelo are an ethnoreligious group inhabiting parts of Iberian-American lands who practice Ugama Cathay, a syncretic religion comprised of various Asian religions and Catholicism. They are descended from prendiza (slaves) trafficked from Asia to the Americas and forced to work in plantations, mines and other industries by Iberian trading companies and smuggling rings.

Elements of Amarelo folklore include:
  1. Belief in Josses (Deity in Basa Amarelo), spirits both natural and divine, sorcery, the hereafter and reincarnation.
  2. Theme of fighting for dignity against oppression and tyranny.
  3. Strongly Asian in origin with Catholic/Iberian influences and additions.
  4. Often orally transmitted, sometimes written down through secret writings or transcribed by literate people.