What would a John Bell Presidency look like?

  • July 4th, 1861 Houston's Declaration and Kentucky Splits

    July 4th, 1861 Sam Houston Secretary of War gives a speech in Baltimore. It would be sent throughout the Union and even to Texas, it would be a message to all southerners that their fight will be in vain and that they will be blamed for brining the nation down. In Texas soldiers and militias were conflicted with the fact that Houston had stood by the Union. And when his words reached them by July 11th, an estimated 11,000 Texans fled North to the Kansas territory to rejoin the North. Around 6,000 men expected to be drafted into the Confederate armed forces defected, Sam Houston congratulated them for their sacrifices. On July 13th Virginia officially joins the Confederacy after Colonel Robert E. Lee resigns from the Union Army.

    On July 17th the Kentucky State House voted in favor of secession but only days after that happened Union soldiers marched into Northern Kentucky in order to restore order. But his was responded with a telegraph from Jefferson Davis to Hannibal Hamlin so cease his treachery, in order to create legitimacy for the action, Hamlin established a rival pro-Union government in Louisville.

    The Louisville Government
    Governor Cassius M. Clay
    Lieutenant Governor Thomas L. Crittenden
    Secretary of State Speed S. Fry
    Attorney General James M. Schackelford
    President of the Senate Joseph P. Taylor
    Speaker of the House William Harrow

    The Government was made up of mostly Union officers from Kentucky. And the Government sent no Representatives or Senators to the Congress as it was to not to last. The government convened in Louisville on the 23rd, and after Frankfort was captured on the 28th. The government was reconvened in Frankfort on the 4th of August and was formally re-established as the Government of Kentucky. Although the Confederate disputed the legality of the state's government they move on.

    The Civil War Begins and John Bell's Betrayal

    On August 9th, 1861 with the Confederate militias and armies ready they declared war upon the North to curve their aggression. Hamlin had been ready for this event and Union soldiers were at the ready. The First Battle of Bull Run was on August 11th in Virginia, it resulted in a draw between the Union and the Confederacy but the south took the most loses. On August 13th Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina secede from the Union and join the Confederacy although Tennessee will be under martial law until August 28th due to Union sympathizers. In a move that wasn't completely shocking John Bell joins the Confederate Congress from Tennessee. But Bell will reign after only a year in office due to slipping health.

    August 28th through September 18th.

    Battle of Cross Lanes (Confederate)
    Battle of Rich Mountain (Confederate)
    Battle of Blackburn's Ford (Union)
    Second Battle of Bull Run (Union)
    Battle of Wilson's Creek (Confederate)
    Battle of Kessler's Cross Lanes (Confederate)
    Battle of Bowling Green (Union)
    Raid at Sikeston, Missouri (Draw)
    First Battle of Springfield (Confederate)
    Battle of Hatteras Inlet Batteries (Union)

    August 28th through September 18th.

    Robert E. Lee becomes General of the Army of Northern Virginia. (September 4th)
    Winfield Scott is replaced with John Buford Jr. to lead the Eastern Command. (September 10th)
    Abraham Lincoln is awarded a political appointment to lead the 21st Illinois Regiment although he would be given a chief of staff due to his below average military knowledge. (September 17th)


    Lincoln on September 24th with his Chief of Staff in Kentucky.

    The British Are Coming?