Now Custer had crossed the Delaware, his mighty soul
Great tumults pondering and the coming struggle.
Now, crossing his Rubicon, he saw,
In face most sorrowful and ghostly guise,
His trembling country's image; huge it seemed
Through mists of night obscure; and willowy hair
Streamed from the lofty tower-crowned head of the Republic:
Torn were her locks and naked were her arms.
Then thus, with broken sighs the Vision spake:
"What seek ye, men of the Union? and whither hence
Bear ye my Eagle standards? If by right ye come,
if under law, thou art welcome within my city; these are the bounds;
No further dare thee step if thou wisheth to bring war
and unseat the elected heir to Lincoln the Great."
Now Custer's yellow locks were stiff
With horror as he gazed, and ghastly dread
Restrained his footsteps on the further bank.
Then spake he, "O Thunderer, Zeus in the highest Heavens;
Gods of my Pinnacle Race who watched o'er Rome of old;
Thou Jehovah, of Burr and Arnold,
Thou God of the Israelites and Abraham and Moses,
O Patriot-Saints erst rapt to heaven,
And God-like Philadelphia; this day aid me in my quest.
Not with offense or malevolence do I come,
I, Custer, conqueror and crusader, servant of this Union,
Thy soldier here and wheresoe'er thou wilt:
No other's; his, his only be the guilt
Whose acts make me thy foe.' He gives the word
And bids his Manifest standards cross the swollen stream.
When Custer crossed and trod beneath his feet
The soil of Pennsylvania's forbidden fields,
"Here," spake he, "peace, I shatter, and laws I desecrate;
Farewell to politicians and elections. Fortune, lead us on;
War is our judge, and in the Reaper our trust. All Hail!"

Excerpt from The Saga of the Velvet Revolution by Joseph L. Woods

In order to understand the events that led to George Custer becoming President for life, and the reigns of Joseph Steele and Charles Oswald after him, one merely has to look at the events that occurred slightly before the Third (or "Velvet") American Revolution. This period is known as the Great Disturbance. The Great Disturbance truly began in the late 1870s, when several runs on the banks in Europe caused mass upheaval and poverty. The Union was also still entrenched on incorporating the old Southron lands into itself, with New Antioch, Lewisiana, (formerly known as New Orleans) experiencing the Great Riot of March, 1879, during which then President Gideon Claywell was humiliated by Southron terrorists and separatists, mostly members of the White League, who elected to burn down the city courthouse and smashed storefronts for blocks, pelting officers with flaming bottles of whiskey, rocks, and even firing a few small arms at them. Martial law was instituted and Micah Powers, the head of RUMP, was forced to perform mass arrests. This event sparked a massive revolt in Cuba, now a Union penal colony, and over 6,000 Inferiors were killed by RUMP in the worst fighting since the Great American War. President Claywell, then 73, was accused of becoming senile and was widely hated. Claywell was actually a fairly decent man, but he was too elderly and tired to deal with the stress of his position.

The stage was set for the biggest problem yet to rear its head: growing numbers of anti-AFC citizens, mostly from the Old South and also the irreligious, Baptists, Methodists, and the like from the North. These were Union citizens speaking out against the "crazy, spirit-talking, Burr-worshiping warlocks" and who refused to accept that the country was now a vehicle for the American Fundamentalist Church. This outpouring of displeasure with the Church was shocking to the aging Reverend-Colonel Everett and the Council of Jehovah, who now feared their grand idea verging on collapse. Some of the many reasons why so many were up in arms in the non-AFC Union community was the overall direction of the country, which had gone downhill to many since Lincoln's death, and the fact that the AFC was now the majority of American citizens' beliefs, triggering the more traditional denominations and making them fear for their own religious freedom. They had achieved the Restoration that the AFC promised, so now what? There was no grand plan anymore, just existence. Everett was now in his late 80s. The Great American War generals were retiring. In their place was a greatly expanded Union, but one burdened by economic uncertainty and constant terrorist attacks under what most saw as a do-nothing, wash-up of a president. Some even attempted once more to draft Colonel Goodyear to run for President, but he was also in his 80s and had no desire to run the country. Crops had also been at their worst yield since the 1860s, and constant rain across the country was causing massive floods that wiped several towns off the map. Some AFC members said this was God's punishment upon America for drifting from the path of Manifest Destiny and becoming "fat, lazy, and complacent."

However, the AFC was by no means down for the count. As stated, they now held the majority. Most Americans in 1880 were attending Fundamentalist churches on Sunday. Many of these same people now felt threatened by the growing criticisms of their church and "divine doctrine." They began clamoring for a "New Strong Man" to take the reigns and finally set America's course for the future in a positive direction. A certain George Custer would just happen to be the man who felt the winds of historical change and decided to set sail to the unknown with a sword in one hand, and a Bible in the other. America would never be the same.

The entire "Strong Man" concept, a tenant of Social Darwinism, was actually and ironically not created by Charles Darwin, really, but rather by Horatio Gibbs, an eminent New York historian and ardent proponent of fascism who claimed that all great lands and empires throughout all of history were led by brave, noble--but also cynical and calculating--titans, titans who held all the cards and put their nation's glory above all else. Gibbs put his ideas forward shortly after Darwin first began publishing his research. Darwin said of Gibbs, "Some may call me the founder of Social Darwinism, but in truth, much of that credit should go to Mr. Gibbs for his excellent theories." From Alexander, to Julius Caesar, to Cromwell, to Frederick the Great, these men all held near-absolute power and used it to ruthlessly expand and dominate at the helm of their "Superior Civilizations." These men were men who had, according to Gibbs, more "bodily fluids and traces within them of Pinnacle Man ancestry. Or, as in Alexander and Julius Caesar's case, they actually were Pinnacle Men. These great and noble commanders contained within them the fire in the belly that was needed to govern and go down in history as the greatest leaders of all time." Within the Unionist and AFC community, this idea was extremely popular and was partially propelled A. A. Lincoln to power in the first place. However, since his fall, there simply was no one around with the charisma, ego, and guts to come forward as Lincoln's successor. McClellan had made out as to be his successor and a Strong Man, but life in politics just simply didn't agree with him and he went into quiet retirement. By the 1880s, and the apathetic reign of President Claywell, the Union needed to turn itself around quickly or risk a religious civil war. There were millions of eager souls ready to fight for America in every corner of the globe, but they were unaffiliated with any party or movement, they simply wished to serve the Church and Nation. At last, in 1882, the answer to their problems would be revealed.

George Armstrong Custer formed the Manifest Destiny Party in 1878 in time for the Presidential elections that year. He received some moderate press coverage and publicity, but the MDP was expected to be lost in the sea of other parties now clogging up the political system. But Custer was not a man to be ignored, not ever. The time was just not right. The fury over Claywell's presidency had not yet been felt by the American people. Soon, members began wearing navy blue military style uniforms and sporting yellow armbands with the saying "Manifestum Fati" emblazoned on them. General Madison Miller, a Great American War sergeant and devout loyal friend to Custer, became head of the "Manifest Militia," an armed wing to "defend party members from terrorists and thugs" following massive street battles with Protestant mobs. Custer then began making more moves, recruiting all across the country and bringing in Custer's Company as an official wing of the party.

And so on a rainy Patriot-Saints Day, 1881, Custer and his Manifest Destiny Party stormed the into the Washington Pub in downtown Philadelphia and declared they were going to demand the ousting of President Claywell and the restructuring of the government. They declared they were doing away with the National Assembly and that Custer would rule by decree as a Strong Man chosen by Jehovah like the Judges of Israel from the Old Testament. Immediately, President Claywell sent in RUMP to quell the apparent "Washington Pub Revolt." Some 150 MDP hardliners were inside the pub with Custer and Miller, and outside over 600 RUMP officers were on their way to arrest them. Captain Martin Kohl was in charge of the operation to arrest Custer and the MDP leadership. However, when the building was surrounded, Custer shocked his men by laying down his weapon and standing on the balcony of the pub, hands in the air.

According to testimony, Custer took a long look at all the RUMP officers gathered outside and smiled slyly as if he still had a card up his sleeve. Kohl--unsettled by this legendary figure trying to overthrow the government and wanting to quickly restore order--quickly ordered his men to close in and arrest the "sitting duck." Kohl became increasingly unsettled as his officers appeared reluctant to do so. Custer was a legend and, to many young RUMP troops, their childhood idol. And now here he was, unarmed, in the midst of an attempted coup. Custer spoke, first friendly and quiet, then rising to an impassioned, fervent shout:

"Greetings, my friends! I hear tell that you all have a warrant out for my arrest. They say I am a traitor and promoting the dissolution of the government. I say to you, men of the Military Police, free men of Philadelphia all, that this is true! But my treason is not against this country. It is against President Claywell, the lazy despot who currently is driving our nation into the gutter. You men fought and bled for this nation twenty years ago, or maybe it was your fathers. But either way, the Grand Legions of the Union did not die in vain. They did not give their precious lifeblood to sacrifice on the altar of indifference and disrepair! I wallowed through the muck and filth of siegeworks, I saw fighting on both fronts, I had two commanders shot right in front of me. I have seen Hell itself for this nation, and I'll be most certainly damned if I let it go to Hell because the President is a crazy old politician, living in luxury while economic turmoil and uncertainty grip our fair land. God put us forth on this continent with a new goal: that the Chosen shall sweep coast-to-coast and build a New Jerusalem that shall stand for 1000 years. I say to you, now, that I will build this New Jerusalem. The National Revolution has broken out! Now who is with me?!"

Slowly, the RUMP officers backed away from the target of their warrant. Kohl sat motionless on his horse. A deafening silence went over everyone present.

Drip. Drip. A rain gutter emptied its contents onto the street.

A cough.

Silence. Only the pitter-patter of the raindrops on the Pub.

"Manifest Destiny! Now and forever!"
came a cry from the RUMP lines.

"Custer for President!" shouted another officer.

It exploded, up and down the ranks. Men began cheering and raising their guns in the air, firing bullets toward the sky like New Year's Eve, and started to rush the balcony. Kohl raged and ordered his men to get back in formation under the pain of death. He was greeted by almost his entire force joining the Manifest Destiny Party inside, overflowing the large building. The Head of Rump managed to keep several of his orderlies in line and together they rode to the President's Mansion to warn President Claywell that the Army needed to deploy to put down this coup.

Custer and Miller soon received reinforcements from the Manifest Destiny Party coming in from all over the nation. Load after load were arriving by wagons and carriages and rallying to the MDP colors. That night, cries of "Custer! Manifestum Fati!" were heard all throughout the capital. The local garrison had deployed at the President's Mansion, but morale was extremely low. They all feared a repeat of Crawford's March on Philadelphia 80 years before. If Claywell was the new Adams, they wanted no part. Instead, many began defecting. By morning, all of Philadelphia was in chaos, with law rapidly giving way to street battles and rolling gunfights. The First Fundamentalist Church, Aaron Burr's castle upon rock, was the rallying point for the Fundamentalists who were quickly siding with Custer. Other areas of the city saw massive crowds of anti-AFC citizenry who were rapidly arming themselves for a violent final showdown. The fate of the Union would be decided shortly.

On Christmas Day, 1881, Custer made his move. With a crowd of thousands of citizens now following him with pitchforks, torces, old muskets, and whatever they could find, they marched down the main thoroughfare toward the Presidential Mansion. About two blocks east of the Mansion, the main force of anti-AFC rioters met them and violence instantly broke out. Bullets whizzed through the air, clubs descended on heads, and blood-curdling screams rang out as the Third American Revolution broke out into armed conflict. What few Union troops who remained loyal to Claywell stormed forward, bayonets down. The revolutionaries met them gladly and immediately broke the troops' moral with their overwhelming force. Onward went Custer and his forces toward the Mansion. But a trap lay in wait for them. Over 50 marksmen had hidden themselves in the nearby buildings, many on rooftops. Claywell had ordered them to fire on the crowd with no mercy if they broke through the defensive forces. They opened fire and it was like fish in a barrel. Men and women alike hit the ground, blood soaking into the cracks in the cobblestone. Just a few feet from Custer, Miller went down, killed instantly by a bullet to the head. As the sniper fire began just mowing down his supporters, Custer, for the first time in his life, ordered a retreat.


After "Communing with the Spirits and reading the Scripture," the Council of Jehovah elected to excommunicate President Claywell, effectively sealing his fate forever. They are pictured here during one of their infamous Cremation of Sin ceremonies.

Custer's forces went sprinting back from where they came from, taking rounds to the back as they ran. Soon it was an all-out rout, with thousands of AFC loyalists and revolutionaries pouring out of the city. However, Custer himself was corned and arrested by RUMP officers as he tried to regroup in the countryside outside of the city. Most shockingly, the Council of Jehovah itself fled the city to Boston, where they set up "Council In Exile." They immediately voted to excommunicate President Claywell from the Church, thereby condemning his soul to Hell. They officially called upon every Bible-believing man and woman in the country to come to Philadelphia to free Custer from the Philadelphia's jail, where he was now being held by RUMP under heavy guard. The lines were drawn. Claywell, now thrown out of the Church, begged every "patriotic and upstanding citizen to come to Philadelphia to support the rule of law." His popularity plummeting, his considered having Custer hanged for treason to cut the head off of the snake, but knew that would just make him a martyr. Instead, he readied his defenses once more and manned his battle stations. As it would turn out over the next several months, the Council of Jehovah was actually behind the Manifest Destiny Party the entire time, and had even helped get Custer's message around the country to form his party in the first place. Claywell took to the newspapers that still would print his words and told the American public this:

"As we peer into society's future, we must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow. Engaging in wars with no merit, seeking only expansion. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow. The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. The Federalist conspiracy so long ago was righteously ended by Willard Crawford, just for one instance of this opposition. We, in turn, are opposed around the Union by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on spies by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. A council of masked bandits playing at priesthood. Now they have come into the light and shown themselves as who they really are with this attempted overthrow of the freely elected government. The Council of Jehovah has controlled American history for the last several decades and their rule from on high is at an end. We cannot do this without every red-blooded, liberty-loving American joining us to combat this tangled web of conspiracy. I, President Gideon Claywell, beg of you. Please support the Union government in this battle against religious tyranny and injustice."

This would be the last public message ever written by President Claywell. Only the greater Philadelphia region was printing his well-crafted speech. Instead they were printing George Custer's message from prison, Our Struggle, a series of talking points upon which he said he would build his revolutionary government. The Claywell government tried to determine who was smuggling the writings out of the jail, but no suspects were ever found. The Council had struck again.


1. Total Union Supremacy.
2. God has ordained the Union as his New Jerusalem, and it shall never be stopped.
3. Total suffrage and equality for women, up to and including military service on a voluntary, non-combatant role.
4. 100% Segregation of Betters and Inferiors. Under no circumstances should the blood of the Inferior mongoloids mix with that of the Betters, the heirs of the Pinnacle Men.
5. Only members of the AFC Church should be allowed to hold office. For you cannot serve both God and the World. The New Jerusalem cannot be built by heretics and atheists anymore than by Beutelists or Bonapartists.
6. The dissolution of the National Assembly in favor of a Cabinet of Advisors under the President. A Strong Man of Pinnacle Blood needs no "rubber stamp" to get his agenda accomplished.
7. End of terms and elections for President. A Strong Man should hold power as long as he is able to and represent Jehovah's authority on Earth, carrying out His will and that of the Manifest Destiny Party and the American Fundamentalist Christian Church. If a leader should fall into moral decadence or become lazy, it is the moral right of the people to overthrow said leader.
8. Revival of American military power as an unstoppable force, capable of defending the New Jerusalem.
9. The End of Poverty and a rabbit in every pot. Betters should live as Betters, not as impoverished serfs. Not a single soul shall go hungry under the rule of the Manifest Destiny Party.
10. A national minimum wage for all Betters of society who will work. The Judeo-Christian Work Ethic is what America was built on, and its virtues should not go unrewarded. However, a poor work ethic is incompatible with the American way of life and the teachings of the Holy Books.

As can be imagined, to many Americans struggling with poverty and hunger, especially those in the poor regions of Redemption, Michigania, and the Old South, this sounded like a fine offer. Sure, religious freedom would essentially be left by the wayside in exchange for security and livability, but to many this was an easy sacrifice to make. Especially since the AFC believers already long considered the other Christian Protestant denominations heretical. Custer's 10 Points became a battle cry for anti-government forces all across the Union. In January, Shicagwa's city government invited the Council of Jehovah and the MDP to take over there, and Henry Marx Cavendish, head of Shicagwa's MDP, took over as city dictator. In February, New Anglia, Salvation Springs, Baltimore, and New York City all through out pro-Claywell officials and handed over the keys to the city to the Custer and Council supporters. It would become known as the "Velvet Revolution," a third American Revolution. Though there had been violence and slaughter, it was still relatively mild at this point. Everyone knew Custer was still on the verge of seizing power, even from inside his jail cell.

As the nation ground to a halt and the food shortages became worse, public order began to disintegrate. Non-AFC followers began to convert, some simply to gain access to the huge stockpiles the church always had built up for the "End of Days." Still others enlisted in MDP and Council militias, which promised steady rations. The nation was on the verge of another shattering like that of 1801 unless someone acted soon. And someone did.

Custer was freed when a caravan of armored wagons loaded down with coffee grinder guns seemed to come out of nowhere and assaulted the Philadelphia Jail, mowing down several dozen guards and blasting a hole in the side of the building. A team of MDP militiamen, led by a then-unknown young Theodore Roosevelt, poured in through the breach and took control, quickly freeing Custer and making a hasty getaway. Custer was free. Prometheus' fire could no longer be contained.

When Custer arrived in Dover, Delaware, in early March, he was greeted with a hero's welcome and a parade. Huge banners with the MDP logo hung from buildings. Within a year of its founding, the MDP had seized control of virtually the entire country. And it was all the workings of Custer and the Council of Jehovah. Edward Everett was publicly promoting Custer as the "Pinnacle Man ordained by God to purge the Inferiors and sinners from the government and the nation itself." At a massive rally on March 6th in Dover, Delaware, Custer held up an old flag covered in crusted blood.


The Bloodstained Banner


Flag of the Manifest Destiny Party

"This flag, so courteously lent to us by Benedict Arnold University of Boston, is the Bloodstained Banner of Valley Forge. This flew over your great-grandfathers as they fought off Redcoat Tyranny! This flag, by damn, belonged to none other than the Prophet Burr, founder of our faith and all hail! This flew over the Prophet's regiment when Captain Arnold threw himself into a hail of British gunfire, saving the Prophet's life and giving up his own, much like Christ himself. This was touched by American Fundamentalist Christianity's first MARTYR and his HOLY BLOOD! We, today, stand amidst our own Valley Forge. This is a the defining moment that will decide the fate of our children, and our children's children. This final March will decide whether we shall live under a decadent and corrupt government bereft of any morals or virtue, excommunicated by our Church, or if we shall live in a glorious New Jerusalem, where we can raise our children in a decent, God-fearing country dedicated to the Word of Jehovah, the Word of Christ, and the Books of Manifest Destiny as laid down by the Prophet according to the Word of the Angel of Destiny. The Manifest Destiny Party is going to march on Philadelphia and take back our country from the dogs currently in power. Standing upon this victory-crowned summit, will it turn its face to the rising or the setting sun? I say, ladies and gentlemen, that I shall lead us to a thousand-year Republic upon which the sun will never set and that the entire world will hail. The Union was restored by Patriot-Saint Lincoln, all hail, and now we must restore the purity of our government and the sacred blood of our race. No more poverty, as we shall establish a living minimum wage for all Betters of Society. No more hunger, as we shall restore our agricultural prowess and bring in the harvest of God's bounty. No more useless Presidents. For a President who cannot command respect and move his country forward deserves neither to lead nor be respected, as Social Darwinism tells us. No more attacks from nascent terrorists who cross our undermanned border with Mexico. No more shall the former Southron governments send their lapdogs to attack us from the safety of their palaces in Mexico City. If Mexico wants to send their worst, we'll send our best, and we'll march down there and wipe those scum from the face of God's green earth. So we shall march to Philadelphia and show Gideon Claywell that the working man, the common Union soul, shall not be ignored. We will not surrender to the false song of complacency and decadence. Over 35 million Americans believe in the Prophet and know the divine destiny of this nation. The Pinnacle of Civilization is at hand. We must only march and seize the day! All hail glorious victory! All hail the Manifest Destiny Party! All hail the Council of Jehovah! All hail the Reverend-Colonel Everett! All hail the Anglo-Saxon Race!"

At that, the revolutionaries marched to Philadelphia to overthrow the government. "For Custer and Council!" was their cry. Custer crossed the Delaware under the dead of night, just as Washington had done over a century before. As the drumbeats of 130,000 revolutionaries began to be heard by people in the capital, President Claywell had to make a decision. Knowing he faced certain defeat, his officers told him to flee to Canada and throw himself upon the mercy of the Bonapartes. He knew he'd never make it, however. The Fascist revolutionaries were closing in far too quickly and from all sides. At 11:30 am, on April 1, 1881, President Claywell retired to his bedroom in the Presidential Mansion and his blew his own brains out with a Pierce Munitions .44 caliber revolver. The Velvet Revolution was effectively victorious before Custer even entered the city.

As Custer and his officer staff examined the city through field glasses, he suddenly saw the gates of the city begin to swing open. Something had happened. The government forces were surrendering and switching their allegiance. Without a shot, Custer and his army marched into Philadelphia and overthrew the government. By 9 o'clock that evening, Custer had been sworn in as President of the Union. The Reign of Custer had just begun. The American Caesar had arrived. Soon would come the round-ups and purges that would cement Custer in power and leave him unchallenged as dictator until far into the 20th century.


Manifest Destiny Party "Blueshirts" march into Philadelphia to seize power without firing a shot.

Blueshirt revolutionaries were dug in around the city for the first part of the morning. Their trenchworks would not be needed, and neither would their guns, as the city surrendered without firing a shot.


Teddy Roosevelt, center, as a Blueshirt Captain. Following his valiant rescue of Custer he was quickly promoted.

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Hail to the Chief God has chosen for the nation,
Hail to the Chief! We salute him, one and all.
Hail to the Chief, as we pledge cooperation
In proud fulfillment of God's great, noble call.

Yours is the aim to make this grand country grander,
and to fulfill our divine Destiny.
Hail to the one God has ordained as commander,
Hail to the President! Hail to the Chief!

Hail to the Chief, who in triumph advances,
Honour'd and blest be this country thine!
Long may the tree in his banner that glances,
Flourish the shelter of our Pinnacle line.

Heaven send it happy dew,
Earth lend it sap anew,
Gaily to bourgeon and broadly to grow;
While every American,
Sends our shout back again,
Hail to the President! Hail to the Chief!
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Ok, that was awesome! But whatever happened to Aaron Burr III. I kinda liked how he and Custer were complete rivals. Maybe he tries to launch a coup on Custer, or is the Trotsky to Custer's Stalin, lol
Great, now being of any other Protestant group is considered "inferior" now. :mad:

Great now i'm wondering what the WMiT versions of The Room and the Cabbage Patch Kids are like.
Don't you the mean the Garbage Pail Kids? Speaking of which, I would imagine the GPK of TTL being racial, stereotypical caricatures of Inferiors, and God help us if someone made a movie based on those versions.
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Great, now being of any other Protestant group is considered "inferior" now. :mad:

Don't you the mean the Garbage Pail Kids? Speaking of which, I would imagine the GPK of TTL being racial, stereotypical caricatures of Inferiors, and God help us if someone made a movie based on those versions.

What about Archie Bunker/The Jeffersons, then?
And here we are--the point of no return. This is no simple Revolution--it is the Cultural Revolution. Where the French Revolution birthed Bonapartist Absolutism, Custer's Revolution shall birth Fascism.

Though for all the racial theories and disdain for the inferiors, I do feel like it is the Unionites who are the true slaves given their embracing of cults of personality. We've seen Burr praised as a saint, Lincoln worshipped as the American Herrenmenschen, and Custer is soon to become the next in line--it seems like America as a state will henceforth be defined by leaders and personalities--a single figure being hoisted high upon a pedestal, decreeing all Americans to do his bidding, and with all the people of the Union listening to his every word like the gospel truth. Perhaps this was exactly what Father Lincoln saw when he looked at Rome's glory and the absolute power of the romanticized Emperors.

But exactly how powerful is Custer? It does seem like the Council of Jehovah is an equal, if not superior partner to the Manifest Destiny Party and Custer's lackeys in general. How much power does Stonewall Custer truly hold? Does he control the council, or is he a mere extension of the council's collective will?
But exactly how powerful is Custer? It does seem like the Council of Jehovah is an equal, if not superior partner to the Manifest Destiny Party and Custer's lackeys in general. How much power does Stonewall Custer truly hold? Does he control the council, or is he a mere extension of the council's collective will?

I think both are trying to use the other to support their own power right now, with the Council currently the senior partner, but I would suspect Custer is entirely aware of this and will actively try to sideline the Council (or get his own people in) as soon as possible.
This is how democracy and freedom die; to the sound of cheering crowds.

Well done, Napo.

So, will the RU/NUSA try to adopt Anglish in a bid to "purify" English of its French influence?
I would think so, at some point. I would think the RU/NUSA would use Cromwell's England as an inspiration/model.


Gone Fishin'
The ironic part is that the fascist scum aren't entirely wrong about the Tripartite Empire's skullduggery.

Goodbye, last vestige of American democracy, you will be missed.
Imagine if just one of those soldiers sent to arrest Custer had shot him instead. Could Democracy still be saved? Or would a new radical come to overthrow it with AFC backing in just a few years?
Imagine if just one of those soldiers sent to arrest Custer had shot him instead. Could Democracy still be saved? Or would a new radical come to overthrow it with AFC backing in just a few years?

Custer's death would be the death knell of the RU as it tore itself apart with Loyalists, Religious fanatics, Southern nationalists, and Inferiors all going at it.

I'll just add this to the list of WMIT AU maps I wanna do.
Custer's death would be the death knell of the RU as it tore itself apart with Loyalists, Religious fanatics, Southern nationalists, and Inferiors all going at it.

I'll just add this to the list of WMIT AU maps I wanna do.
Custer's movement hadn't gain all the support it would by this point. I feel like immediate war could be avoided, but then Teddy Roosevelt or someone else would just seize "President for Life".

But come to think of it, Teddy Roosevelt as the AFC President life would be awesome. And I feel he'd be more like Lincoln and less like Custer, making the US slightly less shitty.
Custer's movement hadn't gain all the support it would by this point. I feel like immediate war could be avoided, but then Teddy Roosevelt or someone else would just seize "President for Life".

But come to think of it, Teddy Roosevelt as the AFC President life would be awesome. And I feel he'd be more like Lincoln and less like Custer, making the US slightly less shitty.

The recent update mentions that the Union was on the brink and I feel that Custer being made a martyr would be the thing to light the powder keg.

If there's a recent worlda map as of the recent update I could start today and produce a prototype for the rest of you to look over.
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