Here it is!!

Also, Youtube removed one of my six year old videos, Steele's MDP Rally, for "violating content policy." That is a video for ONE POINT OH, for crying out loud. It's ancient. I appealed it. In the meantime, if you wanna see my content, I advise watching it now before youtube can't tell what is a fantasy story from actual political wingnuttery.



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Here it is!!

Also, Youtube removed one of my six year old videos, Steele's MDP Rally, for "violating content policy." That is a video for ONE POINT OH, for crying out loud. It's ancient. I appealed it. In the meantime, if you wanna see my content, I advise watching it now before youtube can't tell what is a fantasy story from actual political wingnuttery.
The idiocy of opening the "radioactive quarantine zone" to settlement so fast is
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By the time news of the Canal being held hostage reached the War Room in Philadelphia, the sun was finally setting on Joe Steele's worst day ever. December 25, 1936, was an absolute nightmare from beginning to end, and December 26 could wind up being just as bad if proper actions were not taken. When Steele was confronted with the situation, rather than fly into a rage he knew he had to focus like never before to keep America's most valuable asset, the Panama Canal, from blowing sky high. Never before had such an indignity been perpetrated on the American people since the War of 1812. The Great World War had seen smashing successes all around, despite a few setbacks and lost battles, but the Neutrality Pact's occupation of the Canal was not just a lost battle, it was a slap in the face to every American. Steele gave the go-ahead to the talkiebox news stations to report on the crisis, and toward the end of the night the official Presidential Spokesman, Rodney Clark, told the press that:

"Tonight, the American people need to pray for our commanders and our soldiers, and for our canal. With the help of Almighty God and the spirit of the Prophet Burr within us all, we will surely prevail. All hail the President and All hail the gallant heroes of the Republican Union military forces."

To say the mood across the nation was tense would say nothing. From Keybeck to Pacifica, from Florida to New Canaan, mobs of angry and upset citizens marched in the streets, carrying signs and waving flags. Many were burning Neutrality Pact flags and chanting "Death to the Pact!" and "May God kill the Neuties!" To keep the peace, ORRA and RUMP were forced to deploy against their own citizens on the widest scale since the Inferior uprisings of the Cleansing Month, something which upset many officials, as many cities and states were being ordered to also prepare to send their forces south to Panama. The public wasn't protesting the government or assaulting officers of the law, but the rage boiling within the crowds, combined with backing up traffic, was out of control.

This event in Yankee history is a great time to address Joe Steele's National Crisis Leveling System. In 1930, he had drawn up a scheme wherein various outside and internal forces and events would move the military into greater levels of caution and harshness.

  • LEVEL ONE: General societal unease or unrest. Minor marches, demonstrations, and small-scale violence. Small-scale or regional food or fuel shortages. Up until the attack on Point Pierce, the NCL system never went beyond this.
  • LEVEL TWO: Nation-wide civil disobedience or the murder of a national political figure. Also used if a small-scale war broke out.
  • LEVEL THREE: Major fuel or food shortages, economic calamity, violent street action or regional rebellion
  • LEVEL FOUR: All-out major war with a foreign power, attempted assassination of the President, or rebellion from within the military or government.
  • LEVEL FIVE: Putsch attempt or total breakdown of society. Civil war. Death of a President.

For the first time since the institution of the NCL system, Steele raised the level to Four. This caused major alarm all across the country. The world also was watching with keen awareness. In Europa, many were rooting for the Neutrality Pact to "blow up the Canal and be done with it," and they already had good working relationships with the Pact. After all, Europan weapons and vehicles were the main backbone of the Pact. Some American pundits were even calling the war a shadow operation by Caesar to hamper American growth. In other nations, however, the reception to the news varied greatly. The Dutch were quite fond of shipping trade goods through the Canal and their deals with America were some of the most mutually profitable in the entire world. The Confederation of the Carolinas also looked on with indignity, as they used the Canal as a route to the riches of the Orient and as a connection to their puppet government in Corea. It can be truthfully said that the entire world held its breath and waited to see what Steele would do.

It would not be until the early hours of the next morning that the President arrived at a possible answer. Rather than take any of the options available, he was going to make his own option. "There is a third way of going about this, and it could potentially still end in disaster. But it may be the only option available that is acceptable in any way," the President told the High Command. Rather than push an all-out attack, which would be almost certainly frivolously stupid, and rather than agreeing to the asinine whims of the Neutrality Pact, which would likely end with his own head on the pike, the third way was the way of espionage. This third option was very dangerous, but it was the only thing he could do in good conscience. He summoned Hodag Squad, an elite ORRA team from Michigania that had built a reputation as the first-ever "special forces" outfit. They were named after a legendary Michiganian monster, and only numbered about 30 men. They trained hard and lived harder. Many of them trained under arctic conditions up north and they also saw time in Dutch Indochina training with the Dutch West Indies Company troops in jungle operations in preparation for Manifest Climax. Hodag Squad's current location was Metropolis, where they had been moved a year prior to become accustomed to the dry heat of the region. This put them mere hours away from the Canal.

And so it was that Supreme Marshal Ashton called up Captain Bartholomew "Black Bart" Steiner, commander of Hodag Squad, and briefed him on his mission. Within 48 hours, his squad would be in the jungles just outside of the Canal Zone. They would be airdropped to the back of Fleetwood's Army Group VI wearing medic uniforms to hide their true purpose from Neutie scouts and spies. Once in the jungle, however, they would slowly approach the Canal, casing the entire place and determining where the enemy had planted their explosives.

It would not be long before Hodag Squad and Steiner were on the job, covered head-to-foot in leaves and mud to blend in with the jungle. They crawled on their bellies most of the time, rarely standing lest Neutrality Pact snipers inside the Canal open fire and ruin their operation. Steiner quickly realized that a patrol boat full of dynamite was centered in the inside of the Canal, and appeared to have detonation wires leading elsewhere . Surely, he deduced, there was likely a one or two man suicide team onboard the boat, fingers on the plungers the whole time. The Squad agreed that if they could get to the boat and take out the operators, they could potentially run the boat out of the narrow opening at the end of the Canal and dump the explosives out to sea. It was as potentially suicidal as the jobs of the explosive crew on the patrol boat itself, but it seemed to be their only option. Steiner believed it could work, and knowing the fate of the country potentially rested on his shoulders he made the grave decision to act. He prayed to Jehovah under his breath and gave the orders.

Like many things in the war so far, this was not going to go the way it was supposed to. Despite safely getting ten squad members into the Canal and facing very little security (the Pact saw little use in sacrificing a lot of men if the explosives went off), the approach to the boat was incredibly difficult to avoid being spotted. They did not have diving gear and their weapons had to be kept above water. In the end, Steiner had his men split up to look for the explosives wired through the facility while he and one other trooper, Sergeant David Muller, attempted to board the vessel at the heart of it all. They made it to the boat and Steiner was climbing up the side when his foot slipped and caused a splash. Immediately, all hell broke loose. Steiner and Muller knew the gig was up and that they had to act immediately. Steiner blasted a hole with his pistol directly through the first enemy's face, sending the corpse plunking into the Canal. The other horrified Peruvian frantically reached for his detonator. Just as his fingers neared the plunger handle, he tripped in his own sheer panic, knocking the detonator off the table onto the floor. He took a desperate stretch to grab the device just as Muller grabbed his legs. Pulling him away just in the nick of time, he gave Steiner a chance to aim carefully and blow the man's brains out from behind. Alarms were sounding all over the Canal Zone after the first gunshot, and now the barking of dogs and the sounds of more gunshots from inside the facility meant the cover was up. Moving as fast as possible, Steiner and Muller piloted the boat through the calm water to the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This is the point where many action movies would see Hodag Squad heroically dispose of the bomb-boat in time to save the day. They did reach open water, but they did not save the day. It would never be known to the world, but a member of Hodag Squad had been caught just as Muller and Steiner first boarded the boat. When the guards heard the gunshots from the boat too, they knew it was now or never. Just as the boat cleared the Canal, a secondary detonator was used from inside the facility. It was not the full explosive potential possible without the patrol boat stockpile, but it was still enough. In a fiery, thunderous daemoniac dance of death and fire, rubble spewed high into the air, lighting up the night sky like the Second Coming. Army Group VI watched in horror and disbelief as the Panama Canal went up in flames and smoke. The explosion was so immense that it could be felt many miles away, carrying the news quickly. Steiner and Muller turned around and watched the lightshow with tears streaking their muddy faces. They had tried their best, but it hadn't been enough. The rest of Hodag Squad, aside from five men who remained outside the Canal on watch duty, was wiped out in the explosion. The impossible had happened. The Panama Canal was gone.

As soon as the last chained explosions stopped, Fleetwood ordered a mass advance on the wrecked facility. In between trying to combat the flames and digging their way through the rubble to assess the damage, Pact troops were pouring in to meet them. Despite the overwhelming numerical advantage, the morale shock and general disorder caused the Americans to bog down quickly. Fleetwood himself led the attack, sword drawn, cutting down Neuties at every turn but still watching his men struggle to comprehend what had just happened. The Battle of the Crater ensued and would last a solid week as both sides threw everything they had at each other. The Yankee landships finally arrived and could barrage the enemy, but they could not surmount the rubble or engage in close quarters. It was a bloodbath. In one week, Army Group VI reported 10,000 casualties. At long last, General Rivera himself was killed in a mortar strike and the Pact forces finally crumbled and began to draw back. The battle was over. The government refused to admit they had sent in a special forces unit or had attempted at all to retake the Canal, instead blaming the destruction entirely on the Pact and labeling it a wanton act of violence and a breaking of their own promises.

"I have never seen anything like it, and I hope to never see it again. It was like Satan vomited up his fire and brimstone onto a tropical paradise. And the brown-skinned demons were running every which way, picking us off and ambushing us as we tried to scramble through the rubble. It was a horror show, and I shall never forget it, not as long as I breathe."

- Diary of Richard Fink, 320th Cohort

"The cowardly Inferior swine have done the unthinkable! They acted with malice and treachery, defying the terms of their own ceasefire, and willingly destroyed the Panama Canal, the emblem of American economic and logistical might. This is the greatest insult to the American people since the War of 1812. Never before have we fought an enemy more wild-eyed and Satanic than the Neutrality Pact. The Pact has destroyed not just an American staple, but a key trade center for much of the Free World! Today I received word from the Dutch government that a declaration of war upon the Neutrality Pact is about to be drafted in Amsterdam. The people of the Free World will never forget the injustice that the servants of Lucifer carried out last night. We will never forget, and we will never forgive! An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. America has always tried to fight with valor and honor, but these Neutral dogs instead fight with treachery and sneak-attacks. If they wish to bring the art of war down to their level, if they wish for the Grand Army and Navy of the Republic to stoop to their cesspit strategies, we will do exactly that! We shall utterly destroy all who stand before us! The Star-Spangled Banner with fly over South America even if it means flying it over a burnt wasteland. We will set fire to the jungles and raze their monuments. We shall chase them into the mountains like the pests they are and we shall exterminate them with prejudice of the Old Testament variety as they beg for the mountains to collapse upon them, as in the Book of Revelation and the Book of Fati. The Republican Union's Manifest Destiny shall be realized, and the Canal shall be rebuilt greater than ever. America today is on bended knee in prayer for God's righteous fury to pour fourth upon our enemy. I hear you. The whole world hears you. And the subhuman scum who did this to us will be hearing from us very soon! Jehovah bless the Republican Union! All Hail Victory!"

- President Joseph Steele's address to the nation, December 27, 1936
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Well, this was awesome.
I wonder how much the RU amd the dutch's economies will be ruined by the destruction of the canal.
I wonder how serious the Dutch war effort is going to be. Or if it’s just propaganda from Steele. Even after their victory in the Great World War, Amsterdam probably isn’t too fond of having another showdown against Paris.
Wait in the update you say that they alwasy have there fingers on the detontar but then it says the peurivan has to reach for it?

Honestly it seem unrealstic for the ru to get inside the canal and swim to one of the boats and get to it and somehow almost climb up it without making noise

Woulnd't the pact have so more boats around it as well?
EDIT: and more secruity around the area as well?
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Well if the RU couldn't stop the Pact from blowing the canal, this was probably the "best" outcome for Steele...make the effort but also make it such that the destruction of the canal can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the Pact apparently breaking their own terms. I imagine "Remember the Canal" will be a resounding rallying cry across the RU.
I wonder how serious the Dutch war effort is going to be. Or if it’s just propaganda from Steele. Even after their victory in the Great World War, Amsterdam probably isn’t too fond of having another showdown against Paris.

I doubt that the Dutch were going to declare war on the Pact in the first place, but now that Steele is dragging them in they don have much of a choice. The rest of the Fascist sphere is now expecting them to declare war, and they definitely don’t want to cross Steele.
Come on Europa you're fellow Catholic brothers and sisters of the neutral pact require your aid!

Also RU soldiers in the 21st century