Quibble: ought Virginia be a Commonwealth, not a Republic?

I considered it, but I went with Republic for funsies. I honestly just like the sound of it, plus Jefferson and Madison wanted it to be founded on a Republican form of government, not Democratic (since the Old Republic worked so well) and it's very aristocratic and doesn't allow just anyone to vote (more on that later). And yes, Jefferson was one of the leaders who pushed for the President in Congress Assembled to be elected by vote. Hypocrite much? (no one is good in this TL lol)
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Felt like doing some bonus posters before bed. lol Enjoy folks.
CoCaro becomes RU-lite, maybe?

I hope not! Plus, I don't think the ingredients are there. Virginia was more heavily destroyed in the war, so if anything it would be them going that route.

Honestly, what I see happening is Carolina being an authoritarian democracy. You can vote, but that's about it. Plus, probably a system of harsh racial segregation after slavery.
Do you have any new famous people that you want to make evil in this TL? Any new ones you haven't done in the previous TL?

People I definitely want to use:

Karl Marx
Himmler & Hess
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell

And plenty of others! Some may or may not be disqualified after research. Lol Feel free guys to tell me of interesting characters that would be fun.
What if in TTL, Karl Marx becomes a wealthy industrialist founding something like Marx Industries? and is the face of capitalism in Europe (sort of an analogue to Goodyear).

Some characters I would like to see:

Ion Antonescu.

Nelson Mandela.

Yukio Mishima.

Jim Jones.

Charles Manson.

Kim Il-Sung.

Lavrentiy Beria.

Mao Zedong.

Pol Pot.


Nikita Khrushchev.

Alan Turing.

John Wayne.

Curtis LeMay.

George Lincoln Rockwell.

Ronald Reagan.

Henry Kissinger.
Nelson Rockefeller

Jerry Brown (Albeit a very racist one)

Ross Perot (Make him head of a corporation like in OTL, but have him later become governor of US-occupied Tejas)

Walter Mondale

Pat Buchanan

Alex Jones (I want him to be more fucking crazier if he added in this TL)

Henry Ford (Have him be more successful in politics as well and maybe have him be a good friend with Goodyear)

Norman Thomas

Gerald Ford
I can easily see him as a really racist and xenophobic animator making cartoons to expand American Christian propaganda.
insert some alt-FOP where Timmy is one of the "betters" here. :p
and/or an alt-DP where Danny fights inferiors (who are, by-and-large, evil godless ghosts who are portrayed as a threat to Christian Amity Park).