What if Oswald confessed?

This thread inspired me to post a variant idea. I had originally imagined this being done elaborately, as part of Oswald's advance planning, but @ejpsan pointed out in that thread that Oswald had no time for advance planning.

But a lesser version is barely possible. First, I assume that Oswald conceives what he thinks is a very workable escape plan. Second, that he wants the world to know that he did it.

So before the assassination, Oswald assembles a dossier. It includes:
  • A written or typed signed confession giving his motives.
  • A description of when and where from he would shoot.
  • Photographs of the shooting position inside the Depository, and of Dealey Plaza from the shooting position.
  • A photograph of himself holding the rifle.
  • The registration for the rifle (if it was registered to him).
  • The sales receipt for the rifle (if he still has it).
He gets all this together, and mails the dossier to the New York Times before going to the Depository on the day. (He imagines that by the time the dossier reaches the Times, he will have escaped to safety, perhaps in Cuba.)

Events immediately after the assassination still go as OTL. Then, shortly after Jack Ruby murders Oswald, the dossier reaches the Times, and establishes Oswald's guilt beyond question.

So: what would be the cultural effect of no conspiracy theorizing over the decades? To start with, no Warren Commission; it isn't even needed.


Jack Ruby murdering Oswald is still a major factor in the growth of conspiracy theories. Everything you mentioned could be forged. The standing conspiracy theory is still Oswald was a patsy set up for the murder of Kennedy by [insert favorite perpetrators here].


This would make conspiracy theorists even more certain it wasn't him: nobody would send out a confession like that, it's an obvious fake...
Yeah, Oswald could have filmed himself carrying out the shooting and you would have people going through frame by frame and pointing out 'anomalies' that proved it was fake...
I still think there would be conspiracy theories, just not to the degree of OTL. I think half of why people still think JFK was actually killed by (insert here) is because of how turbulent the sixties were, how controversial LBJ was as a president and general distrust in the government being higher than usual then