I could honestly see it end up a major success with all the famous singer aboard, yes the plot sounds weird, but a lot of 80ties movies was weird. But if it fail it fails hard.
It might become one of those so bad its good movies. Tell me this does not sound like one of those.
Have you ever heard of Streets of Fire? It died hard at the box office but oddly enough was a huge influence of Japanese anime of the late 1980s/1990s. Not saying this movie would do something similar, just thinking about broader context.
It'll probably be like Xanadu or the Apple, a reminder of the bonkers, coked up and over the top music scene of the late 70s and would probably be considered an oddity by comic book fans and film buffs in America, however I could see it having an un-ironic cult following in per say the UK or Australia (where the disco scene and it's culture didn't really fade but instead go opted by the dance and alternative dance acts in the mid 80s).
I never read the Dazzler movie comic, but the main series wasn't bad glitter ball costume not withstanding (I suppose it was of it's time) but as a character Alison Blair had a lot going for her.
i don't have every issue but the lightingale went toe to toe with some fairly big hitters even managing to calm an enraged hulk.
from memory the last issue she even took on Colossus and Wolverine and won!

The devil would be in the detail of the plot as a Mutant trying to forge a live outside the security of the Xavier mansion struggling with life, powers and prejudice whilst getting dragged into the whole superhero circus despite her best efforts might have some mileage.

As for someone to play the role Debbie Harry?

Overall there are worse superheroes to try and make a film from (and many have been) but as when her solo comic finished only Spider-woman from memory had a longer run.

I may just have to go up into the loft and find the comics.


Edit The Dazzler movie was Marvel graphic novel no 12, didn't know it was ever considered for real film adaptation.
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