Which timeline would you rather see ?

  • A cure for a sick man

    Votes: 26 55.3%
  • Das Volksreich

    Votes: 14 29.8%
  • As the Vozhd commands

    Votes: 5 10.6%
  • Another suggestion (Comment)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Flying Führer

    Votes: 2 4.3%

  • Total voters
Hello, it’s me again, I am sorry about the Brazilian Timeline, August has completely murdered my enthusiasm and my focus was switched somewhere else. And this is where you come in: I have a few other options for a new timeline based on my recent interests and readings.

A cure for a sick man: Sultan Selim III launched an ambitious modernization program, creating a new army to replace the corrupt Janissary corps and modernizing the Ottoman institutions for a new age. Yet, a conspiracy by such forces would end up with his death and the almost extinction of the Ottoman Empire, with his death setting back a better chance for the Sublime Porte. But what if he had defeated the conspiracy ? What if the Ottoman Empire was able to survive for longer, maybe even until the modern age, how much conflict could’ve been avoided and how many new ones would’ve been created ?

Das Volksreich: The death of the rising Adolf Hitler in a failed coup in 1923 should’ve sealed the end of the German National Socialist Worker’s Party, but instead a new leadership would arise, the brothers Gregor and Otto Strasser would change the face of National-Socialism, giving more emphasis on the Socialist part than Hitler and his elitist cronies. How would’ve the world changed if one bullet hit its target and a pair of brothers took the reins of Germany, how would a Germany of the Sword and the Hammer look like ?

As the Vozhd commands: How a young man going another way to work and meeting the love of his life would end up with the rise of Humanity’s greatest tyrants. In this alternate reality, the Bolsheviks never came into power, and in a small city in the outskirts of Moscow, would come a much more different alternative to it.
Some potential Timeline images:


(The Vozhd of all-Russias c. 1930)


(National Socialist Propaganda for the 1932 German Elections)


(Selim III inspecting his Nizam-i Cedid, the New Model Army)
Well, apparently people aren’t interested in the Vozhd. It’s a fight between the Sultan and the Volksführer and the winner seems pretty clear. I’m not gonna close down the vote yet, just thinking on how few timelines there are about these two scenarios: A more successful Ottoman modernization and a Strasserist Germany. I wonder why.
Alternatively, I have elaborated another option:

The Flying Führer: Hermann Göring isn’t injured during the Beer Hall Putsch, never becoming addicted to Morphine. Göring is a very underrated member of the Inner Circle, portrayed as just a fat Buffon with an obsession for exquisite clothing and ineffective projects. Yet the reality is that he was a WWI war hero, popular with the people, and the one responsible for connecting the Nazi party with Junkers and the Army, he also showed political and organizational competence, being President of the Reichstag and Minister-President of Prussia, turning the SS from a rabble of thugs into a disciplined force and also creator of the Gestapo. Here, with Hitler killed in the beer hall putsch, a more pragmatic leader would take control of Germany.
No you don't.

You're the author. Write what you want to write. If you feel the need to listen to people, you can do that too. Nothing's stopping you from doing two TLs at once.
I second this statement. Working on one specific TL/work when you actually want to write something else is really unhealthy.