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I enjoy writing this timeline. That's kind of obvious, of course, given that I've written more than 200k words so far, but I feel like it has to be said. I don't think there's much of a future in writing like this. I'm getting to a point in life where I want to focus on doing things that will increase my future prospects of employment and/or publication, and there's not really a market for alternate history essays. I love doing this, of course, and I love interacting with everyone who reads my works---a hearty thanks to all y'all for the likes and the comments, they mean a lot--but I just don't think it's a good idea for my future prospects.
Yeah ngl you perfectly formulated some of the thoughts/reservations I had about some of my own tl’s and fics into words. The

But ultimately, for me I see it more as a form of entertainment for fun.

You seem really passionate and invested in the subjects in this timeline and it shows.

Whatever you choose @Eparkhos, I enjoyed really reading this timeline, but don’t base it solely on what everyone thinks you do. You should also consider what you’re more comfortable with in terms of writing.
In my opinion, rather than allow it to become a soap opera, it is always better to just release a "finale" episode and finish the arc that started with Trebizond nearly getting subsumed by the Ottomans. You can always come back for another season/arc if you feel like it.
Yeah, if you’re pressed for time and stuff, you could go back to the old TL format of summarizing various events that take place.
...This brings me to two options:

1. Make a final 'capstone' essay/update covering Trapezuntine History up to 1668...

2. Ditch the essay-style updates and go full in on the narrative...
IMO, 1 is more practical. Continuing the full-on TL is only going to get harder, and if the present effort is barely supportable, the most likely result is petering out with no resolution at all.

However, the choice is entirely yours.
I think is a wonderful TL, very well written and I would like to continue even at a low pace, but... personal and professional life take priority over our preferences, so do as you feel
Thanks for this excellent timeline. I also feel that 1 would be more practical, but i wouldnt complain if you keep the tl going (even if at a slower pace) with 2.
I really hate it when the authors of timelines I love commit suicide by admin.

It's only happened twice, so I'd only have two nickels, but still.
What a strange way to end the TL. A shame.

I really hate it when the authors of timelines I love commit suicide by admin.
With literally no context to boot. I was legitimately surprised when Eparkhos was asked to be banned (and not gone fishin') with no offending post or anything of the sort. :confused:
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