Source for the connection between Armenian and Tocharian?

From this book more than anything else. Classical Armenian was not directly related to Tocharian, but it had a lot of loan words from Tocharion it seems.
The Compromise of Clans

The Compromise of Clans


52 Erahel (2595 BCE)


Aryanef sighed as he drank the bitter tincture of the Great White Tree. The bitter taste made his body functions light up with energy as some of the aches of being a warrior subsided. It had been a dreary night as he looked at the stars above. Actually there were no stars. Clouds covered them all up. Thunder cackled in the skies as they passed from one cloud to one another, cackling in delight of the puny humans below them who flinched at the shout of the skies.

Lord Deyews is angry.” Aryanef thought idly. The strong winds made it hard for Aryanef to look at the distance properly. They kept pushing into his eyes sand made his face fell itchy. The full settlement of Yamnia was stretched out in front of him. The fires of the internal hearths of the settlements were all ablaze as Aryanef watched them with interest. He was the new Clan head of the Dharansa Clan, and his clan was a new one in the settlement. They had negotiated a settlement with the Great Leader of the Settlement, an old wizened man named Asvabhu. The old man was pretty calming and pretty soft spoken, however his push for his own demands were so well put and articulated that Aryanef had multiple times tried to trick the man in futility to make some concessions to his own clan as well.

Nonetheless, Aryanef was happy with his decision to settle down in the growing settlement alongside his strong clan. They were a group of martial people, and they were warriors, their fighting techniques passed down through the blood. The Great Leader had been quite open to have his clan settle down in the settlement that he had made, and Aryanef could grudgingly understand the old man’s enthusiasm.

However a sad news had permeated throughout the great settlement. Yesterday evening, the great leader had died in his sleep passing on to the life thereafter, to be reborn as his deeds made him. And now the settlement was without a leader. The Clans were already fighting on who should be the next leader. The Suren Clan claimed that the title should be hereditary within the Suren Clan as the Great Leader had been off the Suren Clan. The other clans vehemently disagreed, and a schism was starting to grow. Aryanef worried that his new home would tear itself apart, before he even got to know it’s beauty properly. This was unacceptable for Aryanef and the Dharansa Clan. They had been migrating in the plains for so long, and to find a proper home was something that they had all yearned for, and if the Clans could not reach a solution, then Aryanef feared the result.


“The Suren Clan does not deserve the title of the Great Leader! We, the Saka Clan deserve it!” Rorefa, the leader of the Saka Clan cried out from his position at the other end of the meeting hall.

“Hark who talks! Traders have no place to rule!” The Gharan Clan Leader cried out from his own position to rebuke Rorefa.

Aryanef sighed and covered his face in agony of this meeting. Every day it was the same thing; accusations being thrown around and personal boasting which no one believed. Sometimes, the nature of humanity was something that was so disgusting that even Aryanlef loathed it.

He wiped his forehead of beads of sweat and raised his voice “QUIET!”

The shouts between the Clan Leaders died down as they looked at him with anxiety and confusion.

“The Great Leader Asvabhu would be ashamed! Ashamed that all of you are acting like spoilt brats! Can we not reach a common solution?” Aryanef bellowed as he looked at the stunned Clan Leaders. They all withdrew their weapons which they were on the verge of drawing upon and sat down in their places.

An audible sigh came out of the mouth of one Sakahref Suren. “I agree with Lord Dharansa. My Grandfather would be very displeased if he saw the state we are in currently. It is obvious that we need a leader, but how we go about this is not sure, with regards to each and every one of our clan’s and tribes.”

“I believe that the position of the Great Leader should be hereditary Lord Suren. It would ensure long term stability and allow us to cultivate a proper dynasty to lead our settlement.” Lord Gharan stated as he folded his arms and leaned back slightly.

“Does it look like I wish to be the Leader, Lord Gharan?” Sakahref asked harshly. “However you are right partially. We need to ensure our long term stability, with a solution that is a compromise that is acceptable to all Clans here.”

“A Compromise of Clans then?” Aryanref stated as he yawned slightly.

“Yes. A Shohumaxin O Shiehla. (1)” Sakahref nodded. “However it needs to be something that every Clan Leader present among us here would accept it on behalf of his clan. After all this settlement is basically a group of clans coming together is it not?”

“Perhaps. However we must first assess what the Clans want in the first place anyways. Some here wish for hereditary, some wish for the title to be passed through the Clans. We need to come to an arbitrary solution along these lines.” Aryanref pointed out.

“Thank you Lord Dharansa, I couldn’t say it better than myself.” Sakahref nodded. “Yes, What Lord Dharansa says is what we must go after, but the question is what? How can we assure ourselves that we can get the stability and make sure that each clan is represented properly?”

“May I make a suggestion?” Lord Skyref called out. Among all the Lords of the Clans, he was the oldest, and when he spoke people deferred.

“Of course, Lord Skyref, you may speek.” Sakahref stated gesturing him to speak.

“What we need is peace and stability, something that we have gained excepting the few barbarian raids from the east and south. However we also need to make sure that each and everyone of our clans are represented properly to make sure that whatever decision is made is within the careful auspices of the clan negotiations we committed ourselves to when we settle down in our new home. To this there are no questions are there?” Lord Skyref asked in his old wizened tone as he looked around. Everyone nodded back at him.

“Some say hereditary, some say rotation. I say with humor in my old age, why not both?” Lord Skyref questioned as he tilted his head. “It is without a doubt that we must honor the Suren Clan because of the fact that they had the courage to settle down and carve out this beautiful place we call home. However we must also make sure their powers are used justly and that we all are represented.”

“So what do you propose Lord Skyref?” Sakahref asked. “I must admit your tone has made me curious.”

“A Two Power System is what I propose.” Lord Skyref answered. “Two seats of power, one from the Suren Clan, the Clan Leader, and one chosen by the Clan Council.”

“And how would the power sharing work exactly?” Aryanref questioned as he frowned a bit.

“That is upto the two Leaders to decide. However one will have to take the duties of the military and one will have to look after the administration.” Lord Skyred answered as he bowed his head. “We shall all choose the Second Leader. We shall put names of the eligible Clan Leaders forward, and we shall all pledge support to one of them. At the end of it all, the one which receives the most Clan Support shall become the Second Leader. The two Great Leaders shall also be kept in check by the Clan Council, wherein if 2 out of 3 of us disagree with the decisions made by the Great Leaders, then the Great Leaders will be forced to accede to the wish of the Clan Council. In this way we assure stability, and we also assure Clan rights.”

Murmurs broke out in the hall and for the next half an hour a long discussion prevailed. After a long silence, Sakahref sighed and as he took the opinions of each of the Clan Chiefs, he stood up to speak. “It seems that we are all in agreement.”

Lord Skyref smiled then. “Then let it be known throughout Yamnia! This is the Compromise of Clans!”


A History Guide to Ancient Governments – Arthur ab Owain, University of Pryddain, Chapter 17

The Early Government Structure of the Valegha River Civilization

From what we can understand, old Yamnian sources and folk tales like to embellish an event called the ‘Compromise of Clans’. Apparently the first leader of the city of Yamnia itself was so respected that none of the Clans disputed his leadership, however after his death a crisis emerged on who should succeed him. One Faction apparently backed a hereditary claim to the leadership, however another Faction backed a rotation system of leadership between clans. However it is said that Lord Skyref, the lord of a clan long gone extinct today, negotiated a compromise that appeased both Factions. The Suren Clan, was allowed to keep their hereditary position, alongside a fellow Clan Leader that was chosen by the Clan Council to the Position of Second Great Leader as well.

Some Check and Balances were also made against the Great Leaders apparently, however they are not properly known as our sources differ, however from what we do know, is that some kind of power and jurisdiction was given to the Council of Clans that could sometimes overrule the Two Great Leaders.

The Power Sharing Structure was also pretty dynamic between the Two Great Leaders. Upon the ascension of one, the two would work out a deal with one another in which the normal administration would be headed by one of the Great Leader’s whilst the military affairs of Yamnia would be headed by the other. Most of the time, however history has shown us that it was mostly the Suren Clan that took care of military matters, which made the other clans more bent towards administration.


…….Deyews was the God of the Skies, and Dhegrom, the Goddess of the Seas. Together they expelled the tyranny of the Ocean into eternal unconsciousness. However Ocean was cunning, even in defeat, for he could not be thrown into unconsciousness fully. From time to time he would wake momentarily and cause great floods to beset the shores of Dhegrom’s domain. These floods would gain such a great height that they could sweep away the entirety of nearby civilization on their shores, and one day they would be named The Great Tide. (2). However nonetheless these events were few and far between, and not at all overwhelmingly harsh to the people and animals living on the body of Dhegrom. However one day a millennia after Ocean was defeated he woke. And this time for far longer than a simple moment. He knew he could not defeat the God and Goddess alone, and from his contempt and his tyranny, from sheer will of evil, he created five beings. The first was Greed, the second was Lust, the third was Wrath, the fourth was Cruelty, and the last was the most fearsome of them all, The Dark One. Whilst the earlier four were all fearsome in their own right, they only depicted one aspect of the weaknesses of humanity and the Gods. Greed lured beings in with promises of power, riches and gifts before gutting them to death. Lust seduced anyone it met, be it woman or man, into its bed and would consummate with them, before claiming the soul of the one it shared its bed with. Wrath would go on rampages levelling entire valleys and anyone who stood in its path. Cruelty would commit the most gross of atrocities on anyone it saw. However the Dark One was a class anew. A Class apart. Not only did it have all the qualities of its siblings, it also represented all that was wrong with the world. Greed, Envy, Lust, Pride, Cruelty, Wrath, Sloth, Vainglory, Acedia, Murder, Theft, Incest, etc and combined them all into one being. And his power was near infinite. These five siblings championed by the Dark One led a war of vengeance against Deyews and Dhegrom. The two Gods were outmatched. They could not defeat their own weaknesses. And as people died to these five siblings of destruction, they found out that their gods could do nothing for them. So they prayed, prayed asking the gods to give birth to another who could fight the Five Siblings. With godly will and the Will of Humanity behind them, the Deyews and Dhegrom consummated. After a long time, Dhegrom have birth to three siblings. The Divine Triplets were born. The first was Hausos, the Goddess of Light. The second was Mauni, the God of the Moon, and the last was Sehzul, the Goddess of the Sun. These three represented not only new primordial powers, their domains also reflected all that was good in humanity. Hausos represented the light, Mauni represented that tiny hope even in the middle of darkness, and Sehzul represented the immortal power of hope. And these three were more than a match for the Five Siblings. Together with their parents, the Divine Triplets fought with the Five Siblings. Together with the prayers of their mortal siblings alongside them, the five Gods managed to defeat all of the Five Siblings…..barring the Dark One. The Dark One jeered and joked, and it managed to deflect all that was thrown at him. Finally the five gods molded their divine powers, and using the powers of divinity, the Dark One was imprisoned, and thrown into the seas and buried under both the Ocean and Earth where he remains to this day. He remains alive, but imprisoned. He remains forever angry and when he moves, the Earth Quivers, creating Earthquakes. Sometimes, some aspects of the Dark One manage to seep into the mortal realm and influence human thought, provoking them into committing horrible sins. And to this day, to combat this, Humans learned Patience. The greatest virtue of them all. Remain Patient, and you shall thrive, without anger and without sin…………..

The Ghouda Book (3), Chapter 3, Verse 7.


(1) - Compromise of Clans
(2) - Tsunami basically
(3) - The Book of Gods


Author's Note: So as you can guess, some tidbits of mythology shall be dropped in each chapter. We may think of them as stories, however Mythology produced a great mentality in ancient people, and they were very important in day to day things, so sometimes it will be hard for some readers to accept the understanding of some of the things that will happen without reading the mythological part.

Yamnia continues to consolidate, and they shall grow.......

Author's Note: So as you can guess, some tidbits of mythology shall be dropped in each chapter. We may think of them as stories, however Mythology produced a great mentality in ancient people, and they were very important in day to day things, so sometimes it will be hard for some readers to accept the understanding of some of the things that will happen without reading the mythological part.

Yamnia continues to consolidate, and they shall grow....
The Divine Beckoning
Chapter 3: The Divine Beckoning


2556 BCE (91 Erahel)


History of Yamnia: The Rise of the First Dynasty

University of Pryddain, Varun ab Gwynned

Sources on Yamnia are fickle and few between. We seem to have records from the early days, and some recognition of how it was administered, however the there are gaps in the records, and sometimes these gaps have made us modern scholars scramble to find the end reality of the situation of the era.

What we do know however from passed down oral traditions and passed down evidences through writings, and artifacts is that something great befell the Ancient Yamnian City (At the time, the entire civilization was simply one city full of clans with clan allegiance). What happened is a bit sketchy, however ancient Yamnian traditions and folklore tells us this –

……….The great river swirled and cried as it trained to maintain itself. Its water from the great depths rose to such high lengths they could engulf the world. The Tyrannical Ocean had risen from the depths. And then under his command came the insurgents. Insurgents from the north, wearing cloaks of beasts like that off a prize and they plundered the great city and plundered its people, its wealth and its source of food. Everything was set ablaze, and in the dark of night all hope was lost. But in the end, one man rose to challenge. He was no ordinary man. He was after all born half-man and half-god. As mortal as a man, yet wielding the powers of a god. He was the progenitor of the First Dynasty……..

Going into in depth analysis of the time, we can surmise, that the climate of the time was not good around the Valegha river. It seems that the extremes of weather and extremes of climate hit the city of Yamnia with all its force. From the ancient Yamnian mythos we can gather that a great Tidal Wave swept through the river, most possibly through flooding and destroyed the crops of the city and thus laid a great situation for ruin. Amidst this chaos, it seems outsiders invaded and besieged the city. The ancient Yamnians called them ‘Men wearing cloaks of beasts’ however nearby there have been no archeological evidence of any such kind of civilizations. From what we can discern, following the patterns of the river, these invaders came from the north. And the only people group that could have been in the north were the people of the Volosovo culture, a part of the wider Finnic Uralic people group. It seems that ancient Volosovo ruins and artifacts as well as sources agree with this hypothesis as they claim that the people of many of their clans turned south and trailed through a great river to come across a sprawling city.

It is not hard to guess to whom this sprawling city belonged to. The city of Yamnia was sacked, many of its people killed and its riches looted. From what we can understand after the sacking, the people from the Volosovo culture then turned south heading south until they reached the Dark Sea (1). There they settled down, with all their stolen riches, and settled down to become the first people of the Volosovo culture to settle down. It is unknown how many of them settled down initially, and the settlement, whose name is unknown and lost to time, seems to have remained low in population altogether, albeit a small bustling settlement nonetheless.

Back in Yamnia itself it seems that the people were dying of not having food to eat, and having their riches stolen, the people were despondent. From what we can understand the Two Great Leaders, one from the Suren Clan, and the other from another clan of the city were killed in the siege, and the entirety of the Suren Clan was massacred trying to protect the city. The clans were scattered as well, with their numbers greatly diminished. It is not hard to imagine that the situation during this time in Yamnia was absolute anarchy and chaos.

Yamnian legends speak of their first monarch, their first Queen. Folklore calls her a man, however later on sources confirm that the first was a woman. She is called to be half-human and half-god. Legends and folklore call her to be the daughter of the Goddess Sehzul, the goddess of the sun. She was apparently born a few years earlier than the sacking, and she lived through the chaos and anarchy that was the aftermath of the sacking. She claimed lineage from the goddess Sehzul, and she managed to unite the clans, now on the verge of open civil war with one another for resources. Her name is revered in ancient Yamnian legend.

…..All hope was lost. Men died from hunger, and clans stood at the precipice of open rebellion to satisfy their hunger. Then when all hope was lost, came her. She had been born of Sehzul, the goddess who claimed dominion over the sun. Her ray gave hope to the city, and the people under her guidance, slowly amended their ties with one another, and beseeching to her mother above in the heavens, the crops grew anew. Wheat and asparagus flowed back into the mouths of the people, and a new era dawned. Yet who would take the charge? It was unanimous. She became the leader. She was made Empress. Empress Anewosia. She ruled over the city, and brought stability back to the city. And a new Queendom emerged………

Empress Anewosia holds a good place in Yamnian legends and Yamnian history. She is undoubtedly the first monarch of the Yamnian Civilization, however her being the daughter of a goddess is obviously subject to massive doubt. Nonetheless her contribution to the re-stabilization of Yamnian society cannot be understated. She was most probably able to divide all available resources fairly between the clans, and was able to secure their allegiance. She probably did not beseech her mother to grow the crops back up, however from what we can understand it was during her reign that the Yamnian Plough came into existence. This allowed the Ancient Yamnians to cultivate their lands in a much better and efficient manner. No doubt this allowed the Yamnians to fill their bellies once again. The staple Yamnian crops of Wheat and Asparagus re-entered life, and soon society slowly turned back to normal. After all her contributions, she was apparently unanimously agreed by the clans to become the first Empress of Yamnia. Of course Yamnia was nothing more than a single city with a few thousand people, however to the ancient folk, it was their entire world. Anewosia agreed, and she would establish herself as the Empress, founding what we today call the House of Anewosia.

She established a very matriarchal society. Indeed, it is true that even before the great sacking, gender roles between men and women in Yamnia were interchangeable and gender wasn’t considered to be a serious detriment. However having the claims of divinity behind her, Anewosia was able to cement Matriarchal traditions in Yamnia, and she decreed that only daughters would be able to succeed her after her death. She married two men, Arkhan and Lefnet of the almost extinct Suren Clan to give her legitimacy. It is said that the new clans of the Yamnian civilization cropped up because of Anewosia. She set a standard for powerful women to marry to gain legitimacy. Because of near extinct clans started to merge together and create new clans. Forming a new dynamic system.

It quickly became clear that the ancient Yamnian society had become a Matriarchal one. And that one not change until the rise of the 7th Dynasty.


Author's note: During this time Climatologist say that climate had turned towards an extreme in northern Europe, and that it inevitably led to disruptions in the rivers flowing south. This would force many people to migrate southwards, and there are some evidence that some Finno-Uralics did, however to what degree remains unknown. Nevertheless, combined with such a migration, it's pretty obvious that Yamnia could not hold and that nary a century after it was established, the civilization was on the brink of destruction but was saved by a charismatic figure with claims of divinity who would cement matriarchal tradition.
Author's note: During this time Climatologist say that climate had turned towards an extreme in northern Europe, and that it inevitably led to disruptions in the rivers flowing south. This would force many people to migrate southwards, and there are some evidence that some Finno-Uralics did, however to what degree remains unknown. Nevertheless, combined with such a migration, it's pretty obvious that Yamnia could not hold and that nary a century after it was established, the civilization was on the brink of destruction but was saved by a charismatic figure with claims of divinity who would cement matriarchal tradition.
Chapter 4: The Revenge of Yamnia
-The Revenge of Yamnia-


2551 BCE (96 Erahel)


Empress Anewosia rubbed her eyes as she looked at her heralds and servants as they knelt down towards her. With a slight loose voice shrieking in her throat she raised her eyes up tartly and asked “What is it?”

The taller herald, a blonde man with light platinum hair rose up and kept his eyes on the ground as he answered. “Lady Empress. Our scouts from the south have found the barbarians who sacked and destroyed the great city six summers ago. Your plans for revenge, should it be implemented can now begin.”

Anewosia’s eyes narrowed. “How many of them are there?”

“According to our scouts, they say around 100 to 150 warriors. Their encampment is at the base and delta of the Valegha river near the Dark Sea. We can ambush them and exact our revenge.” The herald bit in his lips as he undoubtedly began thinking about a lost one.

Anewosia’s eyes grew sympathetic. “Varef, I know you lost your wife and daughter in the sacking, however your son is still alive and young. Such behavior is unbecoming a father. Calm yourself.”

Varef, the herald bowed his head and nodded mutely. Anewosia leaned back on her throne and rubbed her pristine and queenly chin. Revenge seemed like a good proposal. Agriculture had been revived and the city was being rebuilt but the undercurrent of anger towards the barbarians had also been simmering in the hearts and minds of the Yamnian people. And Anewosia knew it. She bit her pink lower lip lost in her thoughts, unknowingly making some of the younger courtiers and heralds blush slightly, as she finally made her mind up.

Her hands clenched the staff she was holding as she stood up. “Call the clans! We go to war! These barbarians will get the end result that they deserve. How long will it take for our troops, I believe numbering at 600 to arrive at the place you mentioned towards the south?”

Varyef bowed and answered. “Some 2 moons my empress.”

“Very well.” Anewosia nodded. “By the decree of your empress and the Gods, I declare retribution against the barbarians that attacked us! We will show no mercy! They showed none to our women and children, and so we too will show none! This is divine justice!”

And the entirety of the room went quiet as the men and women bowed down to her. Their anger towards the barbarians had been simmering for summers, and they would not deny their chance at revenge. They bowed down to their empress, agreeing with her command. After all she was their god.


2 and a half months later

Mikul, the leader of their clan who had settled next to the Blue Sea, yawned as he looked at the dying flames next to his small settlement. A brief smile filtered to his face as he looked at the young children playing in the small square in the evening. Many of their elders beckoned them to stop as they flashed their gold and ornaments to entice the younger generations to come in.

Mikul guffawed. This was a far cry from the hardships his people had gone through in the far north when the climate began to change and as the rivers flooded and the crops failed, they had been forced to trace the rivers south. His warriors had come across a great settlement sprawling with thousands, however with few warriors to call home. Mikul and his men had been desperate. The great settlement had food, and riches, and mostly importantly of all, stored crops as well. They sacked the settlement and stole much of its riches and food and then stormed southwards until they reached the sea and the delta where they were now. Mikul had felt guilty somewhat when he heard the full details of some gruesome events such as clan slaughtering, forceful sexual mating and child murdering, however he stamped them away. Their situation had been desperate, and in desperation he was willing to do anything to make sure his clan survived. He was about to call it a night after a few minutes when he saw orange glimmers over the fields in the northwest. He narrowed his eyes. He could see hundreds of these glimmers and the dust behind them made it clear that this was no small amount of men.

He turned to his side when a small rider came running through with a crazed look in his eyes. “Sire! Hundreds! Hundreds befall us!”

“What do you mean by that? What is going on?” Mikul demanded.

“The people of the great settlement that we killed!” The messenger cried out. “They have come for revenge. Their war parties divided between clans!”

Mikul’s blood ran cold. He immediately grabbed the spear next to him and shouted “Haul the asses of all men to battle immediately! We cannot let these pests take away our newfound prosperity!”

“Aye sir!”


The History of Yamnia: 7th Edition

Varun Ab Gwynned.

University of Pryddain.

The Battle of Sonorhef is a popular military action in Yamnian history. It was perhaps the first aggressive military action taken by Yamnia throughout their entire history. The members of the Volosovo people who had sacked the city of Yamnia a few years prior had made a small settlement at the delta of the Valegha river and had been living off the nearby lands for a few years when Empress Anewosia gave the imperial decree of Yamnia to attack them in retribution.

Sources differ, however it is generally agreed that the Yamnians had somewhere between 500 to 700 troops divided into clan war groups whilst the Volosovo people had around 100 to 200 troops.

Details of the battle are unclear, and multiple theories exist. Even the location of the battle is slightly blurred, however they probably took place in the Plains of Sonorhef outside of Aristnaya, the city built by the Yamnians allegedly above the destroyed settlement of the Volosovo people.

The most widely accepted theory of the battle is that the Volosovo people were surrounded by the Yamnians into their settlement and hemmed in from all sides, and then a massacre ensued in which women, men and children were massacred by the Yamnians without discrimination. After the destruction that ensued the Yamnians torched the settlement to the ground leaving in their wake nothing but destruction. The leaders of the Volosovo clans of the settlement were allegedly put to the sword and sacrificed to the Gods of Yamnia. Now, human sacrifice in Yamnian Pantheon was rare and perhaps exceedingly so, because there is only one mention of a human sacrifice throughout a century of history before the Great Sacking of Yamnia, however blinded by revenge, it is said that nearly 30 Volosovo people were sacrificed to the Gods after the battle.


Anewosia grinned manically as she looked at the amount of blood that the chalice in her hands had after the sacrifice. All human blood. She could still remember the cries of terror and the gibberish language those barbarians had called out in agony before succumbing to the Gods. Partly she felt guilty for the deaths of the little children but she felt no pity or remorse for the death of the men and women of the barbarians. As empress and high priestess it was now her duty to drink from the chalice. This was a rare part of the practice, and only sometimes applicable to animal sacrifice however human blood was accepted during sacrifices as well. She mentally prepared herself for the bile that would erupt from her mouth as she took the chalice to her mouth and started to chug the blood into her stomach. The smell and taste of iron threatened to make her stop midway through however she could not stop. It would be a bad impression to the court as they looked at their demigoddess leader. Finally after a painstaking two minutes of drinking human blood she tossed the chalice away and wiped her mouth of the blood. She felt a few occasional seizure in her body as it writhed slightly at having drunk so much human blood.

Her ninth husband, his name long forgotten by Anewosia stepped up and brought forth a sculpture of the Great 5 Gods of Deyews, Dhegrom, Sehzul, Mauni and Hausos. Anewosia stumbled out of her throne still slightly woozy after having drunk human blood and took some of the remaining blood from her mouth into her fingers and splashed it into the sculptures. Her husband put the sculpture on the ground as Anewosia bowed before the sculpture putting her forehead onto the hard solid ground. She stood up and grinned at her court.

“Today we feast! Our revenge has been exacted! And a new era begins for Yamnia! Hail Yamnia!”

“Hail Yamnia!” The court echoed.

And so began the festivities.


Note: The Dark Sea and Blue Sea refers to the Caspian Sea, and the plains that are being referred means the plains outside of Astrakhan. The Volosovo people made their encampment in modern day Astrakhan. Yamnia is in the hills of Tsaritsyn near Volgagrad of OTL.


Author’s Note: Revenge has been exacted, and the reign of Anewosia begins pretty bloodily. I must admit I almost threw up writing some portions, however this is harsh reality, where such decadent traditions existed and such revenge policies were common place, and Yamnia is no different in this matter.

Of course the First Dynasty rises……they shall lead Yamnia before their inevitable fall. Next chapter will look into the reign of Anewosia and her death.

Author’s Note: Revenge has been exacted, and the reign of Anewosia begins pretty bloodily. I must admit I almost threw up writing some portions, however this is harsh reality, where such decadent traditions existed and such revenge policies were common place, and Yamnia is no different in this matter. And the end subject of this TL is made to be realistic, so i can't ignore that.

Of course the First Dynasty rises……they shall lead Yamnia before their inevitable fall. Next chapter will look into the reign of Anewosia and her death.