The Sovereign Revolution

World Map - 1967
The year is 1967. The world has been at relative peace since the downfall of the Latin and Slavic Empires thirty years prior, ending the National Wars. The Federated Republics of America stands tall as a leader in freedom and equality since the Second American Revolution over eighty years ago but is struggling to spread its influence globally. The Imperial Brittanic Commonwealth, while smaller than its founder's had hoped for, is still holding together strong and ruling the waves and trades of the world. The Popular Empires of Europe have formed the European Commons, which they use to control the content in the name of the people from Frankfurt, Pest, Krakau and Vienna. The Brazillian Empire stands strong as the leader of South America, and with the Lusobantain Confederation by their side, stand poised to take charge of the World's economy. Similarly, the Chinese Union seeks to build its power base to restore glory to the Mandate of Heaven. Together, the World Congress is trying to maintain order in the post-colonial environment created around the world, and hopefully make the next century more peaceful than the last, though with tensions growing between members as they begin to race for the stars, who knows if this equilibrium will last.

The Sovereign Revolution Final v1.png
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So, This is my new TL! It focuses on the results of a different 19th century where that features several PoD's. I'm trying to keep butterflies realistic, but am also creating an interesting world where somethings just happen the way they do. Feel free to comment with ideas of where I should focus on first, as I will be doing a series of In-Depth looks at various countries and regions. Cheers!
International Alliances/Standard of Living
Standard of Living - 1967

International Alliances and Associations:
Alliances and Rouge.png

Teal- F.A.R and close allies
Light Green - The South American Union and Lusobantian Confederation
Blue- The Imperial Brittanic Commonwealths and Associated Nations
Dark Green - Arabian Association
Yellow- Central Asian Union
Blue-Green - European Commons Core/Periphery Members
Red- East Asian Collective
Grey- Isolated/Rouge nations
Orange- Collectivist States part of the International Worker's Alliance