I just wanted to share a really great book series I had read by Janet Leigh called "The Six Lives of Henry the VIII". Each book deals with a different what if question when it comes to the Six wives of Henry the VIII:

Katherine the Inquisitor - What if Katherine of Aragon had a son who had survived?
Anne the Saint - What if Anne Boleyn had given birth to a song?
Jane the Confidant - What if Jane Seymour had survived giving birth to Edward the VI?
Anne the Warrior - What if Henry the VIII had remained married to Anne of Cleves?
Catherine the Clever - What if Katherine Howard had given birth to a son?
Katherine the Martyr - What if Katherine Parr had been arrested on charges of heresy?

All six books are told from the point of view of Henry the VIII. I enjoyed the take on each situation. I will advise, if you are looking for a happy ending, only one of the above six tales had a happy ending. But an enjoyable read nonetheless.