The Quarter-BAM project

Which Apps do you guys use for these
Q-Bam, and Q-Bam derivatives like my ¼-Bam are not made using any real program
I just took a Q-Bam, a popular basemap on the site which is just used to make really big maps with a lot of detail, and shrunk it, to make it more manageable
I'm just tracing a downsized Q-Bam in photoshop

Bada Bing Bada Boom
Polynesia is finished and the New World will be soon!

Well, maybe not too soon, as I am not a very fast worker on this, but I'm trying my best
How goes it on the Quarter-BAM? This seems like the map size for me!
Well, I finished antarctica, the caribbean, and about half of south america iirc

than I realized i have to do canada and southern chile, along with just a general lack of motivation i stopped working on it for a few weeks

I will try to get the coastlines done (or at least as much as i can) in the near future before school starts up again for me, but i will need help with things once i get done with coastlines (i.e. Rivers, topography, current/historical borders, and other patches) because if it is just me this will never get done
No offense but isn't the 2k BAM the same size as this and already exists?

Why don't you work on improving that?