The possibility of allowing Free black and slave soldiers into the confederate Volunteers with out the confederate president preventing them.

Alternative history black confederate soldiers what year is it possible?

  • 1862 before emancipation proclamation. Cleburneb Could keep this a secret from the President

  • 1864 only. When they Confederates are about to lose the war

  • 1863

  • 1861

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Gone Fishin'
Look like it or not at the bottom of the root slavery caused the civil war.

how could Confederates allow free black or slave soldiers with the permission of there master be allowed to fight for the confederate states of America? OK so in realityYes blacks did join the confederate militia. However they never see action which I kind of wish they did. But it would not been impossible for them to see action of course.

Does the president have the authority unless he perhaps relived the command of the General to stop soldiers being enlisted in the confederate Volunteer regiment?

So my alternative history the confederates do not resort to a draft ,because The confederacy should’ve been all about states rights and limited government including its civil liberties. (Now it wasn’t really at least in practice) my alternative history they are for slavery of course but they’re also for state rights and civil liberties. Patrick Cleburne would need to find a solution for depleted manpower. Also this move would help the chances Britain and France to intervene . because an ambassador could say some of these slaves have been promised freedom.
You need the option "never"

.......the proposition to make soldiers of our slaves is the most pernicious idea that has been suggested since the war began... You cannot make soldiers of slaves, nor slaves of soldiers... The day you make soldiers of [Negroes] is the beginning of the end of the revolution. If slaves will make good soldiers our whole theory of slavery is wrong – but they won't make soldiers
Howell Cobb January 8 1865