The Iron Age of Comics: Jim Shooter's Return to Marvel

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Does Amy Rose still exist in this timeline? Noticed a strange absence of her name from the sonic posts.
Sonic CD is largely unchanged from OTL with the exception that Amy Rose was translated as "Rosie" in the instruction manual. The character did appear in the Marvel series for the adaptation and has a reoccurring role so she is still has a presence in the franchise. The main reason why she didn't appear in Sonic 4 was because it was developed by STI (with some assistance from Naughty Dog to ensure a September 1996 release) who used their original character, Tiara Burrows instead. There is still some rivalry between the American and Japanese branches of Sega so Yuji Naka is not entire happy with Sonic 4, but is still begrudgingly impressed by it. Sonic Team will be developing the sixth entry (if you count Sonic CD) in the main franchise and they will be more likely to Rosie than Tiara.
If there's no Toonami, it means that all the animes and toons that WOULD have featured on there have to go somewhere. I can see the shows being divided between UPN and Fox Kids respectively with MTV maybe starting their own Adult Anime channel that evolves quickly into TTL's Adult Swim. ''Liquid Television'' maybe?
Toonami can actually still exist without DBZ.

Just have it get Gundam, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma ½, Inuyasha, Tenchi Muyo, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Sakura Wars and some other anime and Toonami should be more than fine.

But a Liquid Television channel would be lit AF, especially if it was to take the form of Locomotion:

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