The Free World Cup: What if the World Cup began in 1906?

Who do you think will win the 1906 World Cup?

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2nd FIFA Report on the Status of World Football – Asia

2nd FIFA Report on the Status of World Football – Asia​

In East Asia, the Chinese team was notable for wrecking the Japanese and Filipino teams 5 times in a row in the football competition at the Far Eastern Games, and so they were admitted into FIFA. The Dutch East Indies had been travelling around Asia playing various national teams and clubs, so they were also allowed into the Federation. A notable regional team in China was Shanghai, which had played a couple of games against Hong Kong and Singapore, but this team was not allowed into FIFA due to being entirely made up of European expatriates, not people from Shanghai. The Korean peninsula, under Japanese administration at the time, had a burgeoning football scene and had recently formed its own regional association. While some Korean players had played for the Japanese national team, Japan feared that with the creation of a Korean association these players would go to that national team to play. FIFA assured the Japanese that they still had priority over Korea to pick and choose players.

In the rest of Asia, Afghanistan had formed its own association and had played a few games against Iran, so they were admitted into FIFA. Mandatory Palestine had sprung up with its own association, which was almost entirely made up of Jews, also joined FIFA with the support of the Maccabi World Union. This angered Palestinian Arabs, as at the time Palestine was mostly Arab. This led to them splitting off and forming their own association, which they named the Palestinian Football Association. Both organizations would be admitted into FIFA, but to prevent confusion the Mandatory Palestine team was renamed to the Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) national football team.

In British India, football began to spread and become more and more popular amongst the princely states, with Hyderabad, Mysore, Travancore and Baluchistan having good enough national teams to be accepted into FIFA. Provincial teams had formed throughout India, but none were developed enough to join the Federation. The Portuguese cities of Goa, Dadra and Diu had formed their own separate national team, competing under the name Portuguese India.
2nd FIFA Report on the Status of World Football – Africa and Oceania

2nd FIFA Report on the Status of World Football – Africa and Oceania​

The rest of the world was still developing its footballing scenes, with major parts of Africa barely touched by football, which mostly brought in by Englishmen from overseas. A few associations had sprung up in the continent, namely Uganda, Zanzibar, Tanganyika, Southern Rhodesia and Kenya. The South Africa team would go on to only represent the Cape of Good Hope province, with Transvaal, the Orange Free State and Natal forming their own associations and joining FIFA.

When it came to Australia, FIFA considered merging all of the Australian state teams, seeing as the differences among them weren’t strong, but the Australian state teams refused, preferring to remain independent. It was difficult to develop the sport in Oceania outside of Australasia, as the small size of the islands and difficulty of travel prevented any important leagues from forming. New associations did form in the Territory of New Guinea (an Australian territory) and New Caledonia (a French dependency).

The report concluded that, by this point, football had become the most popular sport in the world, with new associations and clubs forming constantly, and a steady influx of new members joining FIFA. Europe's woes were mostly due to their inability to catch up to the footballing scenes in other countries, which were developing at a far faster rate. Just two months after the release of the report, on May 21st 1925, FIFA would meet once again to discuss the future of the World Cup and set up the qualification draw.
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