The Early Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine

Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine
On 1147, Eleanor of Aquitaine would give birth to twins, a son and a daughter in Autumn of 1147 in the Antioch, unfortunately for the Queen of France she would die a month after she gave birth to waited son, his name would be Philip of France in 1147, Eleanor would be buried in Antioch.

The son was christened Philip and the daughter was christened Alix.

The Queen of the Franks and the Duchess of Aquitaine has died and the Duchy of Aquitaine would pass to her son, Philip, the future King of France.

The King would lay his wife to rest in Antioch and it would be he and his twins who would venture back to France.

Raymond of Antioch would be sad at the death of his niece and would console her husband on the death of his wife.

The Queen consort of France would have now died and on the Kingdom would weep once the news about her death have been heard and her children would be left without their mother.

Many historians would see the death of Eleanor of Aquitaine made process of the Duchy of Aquitaine passing to the royal demesne begin earlier due the death of the Duchess as her son, Philip has inherited it.
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The monarchs of England would be more interested in England and the around kingdoms than France but there would be wars over Normandy.
Bertha of Brittany
In 1147, Bertha of Brittany would decide to choose Henry, Duke of Anjou as her second husband, who she thinks would sire more heirs to Brittany, this would shift Brittany in favor of Empress Matilda and this was a powerful alliance between Brittany and England and Bertha’s husband would be the Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy, this would mean the end of the support of the Count of Anjou from Hoel, Count of Nantes, which would cause him to be able to force King Stephen for him to succeed him.

Bertha of Brittany would give birth to further children for the couple, namely, Adelaide(1148), William(1150), Geoffrey(1152) and Berthrade(1156), Constance would die on 1157 and his stepson, Conan IV would be betrothed to Alix of France and he would die in the battle against his stepfather, Henry II, France and England would end up making peace on 1160, marrying Adelaide or Alix of Brittany to Philippe, the son of Eleanor and Louis VII and the second marriage of Henry II of England with Alix of France.