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I think most countries have quite a few "important landmarks" that aren't being mentioned but of those that I know of, the Colon theatre is the only one I can think as really important (as in worth being named).
Those overlooked landmarks will become no longer overshadowed in this TL. I will add Colon Theater in the list.
What new landmarks or tourist spots have come into being since DD?
Perhaps Luna Parks or other amusement parks in the Southern Hemisphere. As I mentioned in the Pop Culture thread, other landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and the Marina Bay Sands won't be built in this timeline as their engineers, architects, and planners were likely to be killed on Doomsday.
I have an announcement! I will no longer be updating this timeline.


But seriously though I apologize for the lack of many updates recently, a lot things are going on my life and even when I do that time to do an update I am lazy to do anything about it. I assure you that I have not abandoned this timeline and I have no intentions of doing so. Another issue is writer's block for one is causing myself lagging behind.

So forgive me.
Republic of Vermont declares Abenaki to be the third official language of Vermont in respect for the Abenaki people.

-VBS News 24/7, January 28th, 2022

76 year old man dies after suffering from a strange case of violent pneumonia in Hue, Vietnam.

-ABC World News 24/7, January 30th, 2022

55 year old man becomes hospitalized in Ulan Bator, Mongolian Socialist Republic, Socialist Siberia. Doctors have reported the man has a case of violent pneumonia.

-TASS (Telegraph Agency of Socialist Siberia) 24/7, February 1st, 2022

6 people hospitalized over violent pneumonia in Kagoshima.

-Japan Times, February 1st, 2022

A car bomb kills 12 people and injures 14 others during morning rush hour in Davao City, Philippines.

-ABC World News 24/7, February 2nd, 2022

The Hamas Caliphate of the Philippines, led by Al-Hassim Bandsara has just declared it’s responsibility for being behind the attack in Davao City. In a video posted online, Al-Hassim stated the attack was an act of jihad against the Filipino government and his aim is to create an Islamic theocratic state in the Southern Philippines.

-ABS-CRN News 24/7, February 2nd, 2022

President Rodrigo Duterte responds to the recent terrorist attack as an “act of war” and has thus declared war on the HCP (Hamas Caliphate of the Philippines).

-ABS-CRN News 24/7, February 2nd, 2022

Japanese city of Yatsushiro sees it first 4 cases of “violent pneumonia”.

-NBBC World News 24/7, February 2nd, 2022

Israeli Air Force is still conducting bombing operations against the Hamas Caliphate in their occupied areas of Saudi Arabia.

-ABC World News 24/7, February 3rd, 2022

PM Gillard has announced that Australia will be now banning travel to and from East Asia and Southeast Asia for a total of 2 months, in response to the recent surges of “violent pneumonia” that is occurring across the region of China.

-The Newcastle Herald, February 5th, 2022

Matias Oyarzo has been spotted in Cachi, UAR! If those of you wondering where Cachi is, it is a small city located in the UAR province of Salta.

-ABC World News 24/7, February 5th, 2022


A violent shootout between Oyarzo and Argentine Police is now being reported. Police has made an official announcement that everyone in the city of Cachi is to stay inside until further notice.

-América 24, February 5th, 2022

Oyarzo is holding up an entire supermarket hostage and is reported armed with an FARA 83 assault rifle! We have no idea how many people are being held hostage by him inside and we have no idea if anyone is even dead inside either.

Currently Oyarzo is shouting to police that if they start coming into the supermarket, then he will start shooting and killing the hostages.

We currently await what the police are going to do in response to Oyarzo. We can certainly assure everyone that the police is surely not going to let this young terrorist get what he wants.

-América 24, February 5th, 2022

Police have informed us that they have lost 3 of their officers so far in the situation by Oyarzo. While 6 other are wounded and there are currently 3 in critical condition.

Oyarzo is still holding up and still threatening to kill the hostages inside if the police dare to raid the store.

-NBBC World News 24/7, February 5th, 2022

We have been now informed that police are requesting a police sniper to take out Oyarzo in order to make sure he is stopped.

-América 24, February 5th, 2022


Oyarzo has been taken out by a police sniper! Now the police are currently going inside the supermarket to rescue the hostages and recover any possible dead victims that Oyarzo had killed.

-América 24, February 5th, 2022

4 innocent people have been reported dead during the hostage incident.

-América 24, February 5th, 2022
“This Oyarzo kid surely had no discipline given to him when he was young. If his parents had spanked him or took his stuff away as form of discipline perhaps maybe he wouldn’t of became such a monster.”

-New Zealander Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, February 5th, 2022

Deputy PM Peters come under fire after suggesting that “spanking” as a form of punishment should’ve been done to lone wolf terrorist Matias Oyarzo as a way to prevent him from being a terrorist.

-NZ News 24/7, February 5th, 2022

“I am not going change my mind, nor am I going to even apologize for what I had said yesterday.”

“I still firmly think that Matias Oyarzo could’ve never became a horrible monster had his mum or dad smacked him.”

“Not to mention the fact I recently last night read that the boy was very abusive to his own mother and even abused and killed cats during his teens.”

“Do not get me wrong.”

“Smacking a child who is a troublemaker is certainly not going to stop them from causing trouble. It can certainly help somewhat a little, but overall to make a kid stop being a pain in the ass your going to need more other forms of discipline and even a psychologist for the child too.”

“This could of all been done to Oyarzo during his childhood, and had this been done then he sure as hell wouldn’t have become a psychopath.”

“In matter of fact back in 2009 our very own nation of New Zealand had a referendum on parental corporal punishment.”

“The majority being 87.95% of New Zealand’s population voted “No” in response to whether or not parental corporal punishment be considered criminal offense. While the minority being 12.05% who voted “Yes”.”

“Despite a majority of our people voting “No” in the referendum, the New Zealander government did not change the law whatsoever after the referendum concluded.”

“Yes there are parents who abuse corporal punishment to their children. It has always existed and will continue to exist. Abusive parents have always been a think since the dawn of humanity.”

“I mean when I was little if I ever did something very bad my mother or father would lightly smack me across the face and then tell me to not be very bad again. The way they did it was that they didn’t let their anger out nor did they put all the strength in it either.”

“And surprisingly I have to say it worked well for me. Because I knew that my own parents didn’t like doing it either, but I was being very bad they really had no choice once other options of discipline were out the window.”

-New Zealander Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters, February 6th, 2022
Former Deputy PM Belden Namah of Papua has shocked the entire ANZC by announcing his entrance into the 2022 ANZC Federal Election, as a candidate for the ANZC Conservative Party.

Many people especially those not from Papua have looked at this as somewhat questionable seeing that a former leader of a ANZC nation has entered into the race, which is something that has never been seen before in the Commonwealth’s history when it regards the federal elections that now take place every 4 years.

Already some have began calling Namah’s entry into the race as a “chance of egoism” seeing how Namah before becoming the Deputy Prime Minister of Papua, was a military officer in the ANZC Armed Forces serving for Papua.

However as unusual this is, the Commonwealth’s constitution doesn’t state anything that says anything against former nation leaders to become candidates and possible future governor-generals of the ANZC.

-ANZBC News 24/7, February 8th, 2022

Director Louis Howery-Morrell of the CIB tells the Commonwealth that he has no interest in making a campaign to become a candidate in the current election.

-The Courier-Mail, February 8th, 2022

“I have enough stress already while being the Director of the CIB for our entire Commonwealth. Me being governor-general would make become old way faster that I can see myself by the time I’m 30, having grey hair and wrinkled skin due the heavy stress put on me.”

“I mean I’m 24 years old now, I’m still youthful despite stuck in a wheelchair. Plus I think my mum would be unhappy if I became old just like she is now in her mid-60’s. Like come on who wants to see their son become old and having joint pain like them?”

“Also sorry mum for calling you old on television. That was pretty rude of me to say to you.”

-ABC News interview with CIB Director Louis Richard Howery-Morrell, February 8th, 2022

“I mean can you blame him though?”

“He’s 24 now and hasn’t even reached 27 yet.”

-Comment made by an Kiribati poster on TypeIt, February 8th, 2022

“Putting politics aside, can we all agree how funny yet polite Howery-Morrell was at apologizing to his mum on TV, all because he called her “old”...?”

-Comment in the same thread made by a New Zealander poster on TypeIt, February 8th, 2022

“I mean yeah… He pretty much knows it rude to call a woman “old” or ask her by her age. Guess his mum raised him right lol.”

-A reply made to the above comment made by a poster from Tasmania, TypeIt, February 8th, 2022

Albanian forces currently are now suffering major causalities as Eurocorp forces begin to advance into more of Southern Kosovo.

-NBBC World News 24/7, February 11th, 2022

A Greek journalist has reported to the international press that Albania is using anthrax as a weapon for war.

-The Rio Times, February 12th, 2022

PM Gillard has announced she is not going to be running again for another term in office, this being said Deputy PM Penny Wong has become the new head of the Australian Labor Party.

-The Newcastle Herald, February 13th, 2022

Reason for Prime Minister Gillard not wanting to serve another term is due to health problems. That said the upcoming 2022 Australian Federal election will be seeing Deputy Prime Minister Wong as the head of the Australian Labor Party and while be competing against the Head of Opposition, Julie Bishop of the Australian Liberal Party.

-The West Australian, February 13th, 2022

Deputy PM Winston Peters of New Zealand has announced his candidacy for the ANZC Conservative Party, for the 2022 Federal ANZC election.

-ABC News 24/7, February 14th, 2022
40 cases of violent pneumonia reported in Taiwan.

-NBBC World News 24/7, February 16th, 2022

The Kingdom of Hawaii shuts down travel to East Asian nations in response to the rapid spreading case of “violent pneumonia”.

-HBC News 24/7, February 16th, 2022

So far when it comes to “violent pneumonia” scientists and medical experts still do not know much about it. At the Aichi Medical University, located in Aichi, Japan, we were able to interview medical professional Dr. Eisuke Nasimoto who has been currently investigating this strange new illness.

“When it comes to the case of “violent pneumonia” I say it is most definitely a virus that cases infection and spreads by coughing.”

“From the studies I been doing since this began, many of those who have been suffering from these cases have reported regular flu-like symptoms like a runny nose or cough. This from the looks of it will make an individual think they are suffering from the seasonal flu.”

When asked about information where it originated from Dr. Nasimoto then responded, “Well I do not know where exactly this virus originated, but I do know it came from somewhere in Mainland China.”

“If I were a virus myself I would probably say that Mainland China is perhaps the best place in the world to start an outbreak due to the fact much of China has been greatly devastated from Doomsday.”

“So you think we should begin to call this China flu?” Asked one of our interviewers. To which the doctor frown after hearing such a suggestion.

“Absolutely not, that would end up resulting in many unintelligent people in the West thinking that it be the Chinese fault, when in actuality it is not.” He replied.

“If I were to name this virus I would probably name it as “Wenzhou virus” seeing how the first cases of it we know so far began in the city of Wenzhou, Taiwanese Republic of China.”

“It be better to call it by that, than just simply referring to it as “China virus”.”

We then asked Dr. Nasimoto if he has any theories on how this virus possible origins.

“Is it possible this could be a virus that originally was in animals and then evolved to transmit to humans? Or is it possible this virus was always human-to-human transmission?”

“Good question.”

“I theorize that the virus most certainly started from animal livestock and eventually found its way to infect humans. Similar to how Hong Kong flu originated from farm animals and evolved to infect humans.”

“So are you suggesting that Wenzhou virus is related to virus family of influenza?”

“Perhaps then again perhaps not. If I am lucky enough I might be able to get samples of this virus and study it further to see what exactly kind of virus it is.”

“But if you honestly ask me I think this virus might not be related to influenza at all.”

-"Wenzhou Flu”, Japan Times, February 16th, 2022
“If I am elected as Governor-General I will not pull us out of Sicily, I intend to have the evil fascist government in the so called “Republic” of Sicily to know the true meaning of fear.”

“The Sicilians must be given democracy by us and our allies. And if I am elected as the next Governor-General I promise we will not leave the Sicilians behind and continued to be ruled by their evil government.”

-New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters (ANZC Conservative/NZ National) at a campaign rally in Pago Pago, Samoa, February 17th, 2022

“You all have obviously heard about what Peters said about the Third Sicily War, and as much as you all must think it is heroic for us to stand up against authoritarianism we must ask ourselves…”

“How many heroes are we going to send to be sacrificed in another war? How many of our sons and daughters will it take to achieve the establishment of a democratic government in Sicily?”

“Now if I am elected as Governor-General I will promise the common man and woman across the Commonwealth that they will not have to worry about sending their grown children to fight in another pointless war.”

-Senator Kevin Hogan (ANZC Conservative), at his campaign rally in Mackay, Australia, February 18th, 2022

Provisional US Congress in Torrington has began to debate on whether or not should Americans who advocate far-right terrorism, white supremacy, Christian or any religious fundamentalism, should have their citizenship revoked even if they are natural born citizens.

-ABC World News 24/7, February 18th, 2022

Creator of the Gundam franchise, Yoshiyuki Tomino has agreed to help with the young adult animated television series Mobile Suit Gundam: After Earth with new ideas and suggestions to the storyline so far.

Surprisingly enough Tomino has stated publicly in a interview on Japanese television that he doesn’t entirely agree with how the franchise ended up now, but at the same time he has grown to accept that his fans in the West (especially in the ANZC) have tried their very best at making the franchise become more interesting and more mature.

He has even publicly stated he was very happy that Western fans have took the franchise to a mature theme and setting as it no longer has any childish tone. Which Tomino has even originally intended to do with the franchise before Doomsday.

-Australian Entertainment Weekly Magazine, February 19th, 2022

When I finally returned to the franchise I created, I already was aware it had evolved into something way entirely different than entirely what I even thought beforehand. But then again I have to admit even when I had no idea my franchise would become popular across the Commonwealth and Latin America, I originally thought that my television show would not even interest any Westerners seeing most of them were interested in already existing science fiction series like Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. So I assumed that some science fiction cartoon showing giant piloted robots from Japan would just be seen as simply cool but not really very much to appeal to the eyes of the Westerner as it was seen something appealing to young children.

But I have to say I am glad that after Doomsday, my franchise survived and eventually was brought back in the West due to fans wanting to continue the series. This made me very happy to know I had many fans who were desperate to continue my story despite only having a single television series before Doomsday.

But to find out that eventually the rights to my franchise would go to the ownership of the Australians at Madmen Entertainment, I will admit I was in fact very angered to see the series I made with my mind go to the hands of someone else. But I acknowledge the fact that nobody even knew I was even alive since many thought I was killed during Doomsday. Eventually I knew I had to help my fans somehow at developing this franchise seeing it now the so called “King of Sci-Fi” seeing how many Western franchises from Pre-Doomsday like Star Wars and Star Trek were pretty much killed off because of the nuclear war in 1983. But even still I still find it mind blowing to me how my franchise ended up becoming the most popular franchise in science fiction after Doomsday. It is still somewhat surreal to me.

When I heard about what my Western fans have did to my franchise there were some things I did not agree with, but I realize I couldn’t allow myself to mess up the franchise as it was now loved by millions of young fans. But I will also gladly admit that I found many ideas that were made canon into my franchise very awesome, many of which were things I never even imagined in the first place when I was making Mobile Suit Gundam in the early days.

The things I loved the most that my Western fans did was the concept of gene-engineering (the fact that by the late 24th century that humanity invented a technology to modify their DNA to adapt to harsh environments on other worlds was very creative, seeing how people on Titan were able to inhabit the moon by modifying their DNA to breathe methane instead of oxygen). This very much something I never even thought of since I did not intend to have my franchise become hard sci-fi. But I have to admit to see humanity be able to survive now mostly many conditions by modifying their DNA was extremely fascinating. Not to mention it made sense seeing how realistic my fans approached it when it came to the science and laws of outer space and gravity, so having humans genetically modifying themselves to live in zero-gravity environments in order to not suffer the health side effects was understandable. In a way this could be an example of a better alternative to terraforming other planets and moons seeing how terraforming would always take a long time (when speaking we mean centuries as it took a total of seven centuries to have Venus terraformed to become the new capital of Earth Federation).

Another thing I loved that my Western fans done was portraying artificial intelligence in both a positive and negative light. Although I did in fact intended to show AI in my franchise, I really didn’t intend to go in full depth at it. So I have go give my fans full credit for showing the positives and negatives of artificial intelligence in Gundam. And of course I really found it very heartwarming how After Earth showed human characters having sibling-like bonds to AI’s. The idea to have AI and humans seeing each other in the same way as family members was very amazing and well done, especially when the main character Herschel even risked his life to protect the “life” and well-being of his AI friend Delta. That moment in After Earth was what I consider one of the defining moments of the entire series in my opinion.

-Returning to Gundam, Page 14, written by Yoshiyuki Tomino (Creator of the Gundam franchise), published posthumously on June 15th, 2034
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Abu Abdullah al-Australi, or otherwise known by his real name Jake Bilardi wakes up in a dimly lit room where only source of light was from a lamp that was plugged into a wall outlet. The lamp itself looked like it was made in the 1920’s or 1930’s by the looks of it and it had patterns of what appeared to be little roses that lined up around the “body” of the lamp. It was reddish brown in color with a few white striped lines that were horizontally wrapped around the body of it.

This lamp was the only brightly colored object in the room Bilardi was in. Everything else from the walls to the ceiling and floor were color of dusty beige. As he looked around he noticed there was absolutely no windows in this room which to him could only mean that this room he was in had to be further inside this building he woke up in.

He tried to move but suddenly found himself stuck. Upon further investigation done by his eyes he noticed his ankles had metal shackles that were latched on him and were chained up to the metal bed frame that was only 3 inches away from his bare feet. As he looked closer he then noticed his wrists were handcuffed by the same kind of police handcuffs which were latched behind him to the bed frame. No matter how much Bilardi tried to move he could only move his arms a few inches.

And by the looks of it these metal shackles on his ankles were not old or rusty, they were in well condition that the only to break free from them was through strong force of a hard object like a sledgehammer. Of course that would break the chains but could also risk Bilardi breaking his feet in the process.

“How did I fucking end up this way?” He said to himself in a angry tone of voice, but the volume of which was faint that simply no one else in this place would hear him speak.

To which suddenly it all sort’ve came back to the Australian Hamas loyalist now. He remembered two days prior he was wandering the dunes of inland Saudi Arabia in an attempt to make it to the Hamas controlled town of Shaqraa where he intended to rejoin his fellow brothers and rejoin in their crusade against the rest of the demonic world. And he was very determined too as he was perhaps one of the most loyalist to the Great One despite only meeting the man once back in 2015 or 2016. He couldn’t remember what exact year he met the leader of the Hamas Caliphate, due to the fact that with all the current things going on and his mind very focused on fighting for the Hamas Caliphate that simply put he forgotten the track of time.

Suddenly he heard a wooden door open and two Arab men who looked to be in their mid-twenties or early thirties appeared. They both wore Western clothing which included jeans, shirts, and one even sported the kind of hair stupid teenagers back in Australia would wear as a form of rebellion.

So obviously right away Bilardi could easily tell these men were not on his side, they were his enemies.

“Who are you cunts?” Bilardi said in his Australian accent which easily the two men could tell by his voice that he was very annoyed and angry.

“You can call me
Faisal.” The one of them said to which as Bilardi looked closer her noticed this bloke was also sporting a red small tie. The one he remembers seeing worn by male classmates back in secondary school when he lived in Australia. But this man was wearing a nicely neat bluish-grey polo shirt and he looked to be in his early thirties upon further investigation by Bilardi’s own eyes.

“And you can call me Mephisto.” The younger one said who wore a black t-shirt which had a white band logo which said “Motörhead” on it which by what Bilardi could tell was obviously a metal band from somewhere in the world. This man’s hair was dyed completely pitch black almost like that of darkness itself.

“Mephisto…?” Bilardi said somewhat bothered by the fact an Arab would take a Western name. But seconds later he then realized that it surely wasn’t his real name and was simply a name used by him as a form to hide his true identity from the Hamas.

“Yeah. I like Greek names you got a problem with that al’abalah?” The younger man said in a rude but very deserving attitude.

“Calling me fucker in Arabic huh? Like that would hurt me.” Bilardi replied.

“So I can already tell you two are the ones fucking responsible for having me chained up to this bed.” He then said changing the topic which was about the obvious elephant in the room so to metaphorically speak.

To which Mephisto then nodded his head with a smile full of pleasure on his face.

“Ding ding ding!” He said imitating the sound of the ringing sound used in game shows on television.

To which by now Bilardi has now grown to already hate Mephisto for the way he is acting. This was due to the fact that Bilardi had dealt with these kinds of people for much of his life especially when he was growing up in Australia. He remembered how other kids would do the kind of the same thing of which Mephisto was doing.

And he absolutely hated it when people did this to him. To the point if it wasn’t for him being chained up to the bed frame he would have jumped onto this young guy and start beating the shit out of him.

“Correct Jake! You gain $0.” Mephisto smiled in a the way that an asshole would do.

“Your fucking lucky I am not able to move! Because if I was able to move I be bashing your fucking skull onto the hard concrete floor or whatever the fuck the damn floor is made out of.”

“Ding ding ding! You are correct again Jake it is a concrete floor!” Mephisto said once more.

“How the hell do you even know who I am?!” Bilardi then demanded.

“Well in case you haven’t been paying attention Mr. Bilardi, you have become once again one of the most wanted members of the Hamas after escaping imprisonment from the IC forces.” Faisal then said to which unlike Mephisto, he on the other hand was being rather polite to Bilardi.

“So let me guess you two must of captured me and brought me here to be returned to imprisonment by those Australian and Brazilian infidels.”

“Well I mean if you want to be returned to them then we can arrange that right now. I mean we can contact IC forces in Jeddah by radio.” Faisal said.

“No! Absolutely not!” Bilardi then shouted in anger.

“Okay we won’t contact them then.” Faisal said politely once more.

“But you still have a lot of questions to answer.” He then said further.

“Hmm….” Bilardi then pretended to make the facial expression of a person thinking.

“How about no?” He said rudely to them.

To which he saw Mephisto take out a hammer from his left pocket and nails from his right pocket.

“Well then you surely won’t mind if I hammer some nails into your kneecaps.” Mephisto said in a disturbing but yet playful way.

“Go ahead traitor of Allah! I like to see you try.”

To which Mephisto then picked out a single nail and went up to the bed where Bilardi was chained up to. Gripping the hammer, he used his right hand to carefully straighten the nail on top of his exposed knee seeing how Bilardi was only wearing white underpants.

And within seconds Mephisto used all the strength he could with the hammer. Bilardi instantly felt great incredible pain in his right knee cap and tried to bend it as an attempt to stop the pain, but Mephisto was holding his legs down with his butt since he was sitting on top of his lower legs.

As the Australian traitor/fundamentalist looked at his right knee he saw blood quickly ooze out of his wound and the pain got worse as Mephisto decided to hammer the nail in deeper a second time.

“Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bilardi screamed in pain but was trying his very best not to show tears. To him showing tears is a sign of weakness toward your enemy and he refused to let himself appear weak to this two men.

He was now breathing deeply due to the pain and he felt his heart rate rise from it as well. A moment later Bilardi felt his body rise in temperature to which he could tell he was going to begin sweating soon.

“Now Jake, why did you convert to Islamic fundamentalism?” Faisal said as he leaned back against the wall next to the lamp that stood on the metal fold-able table.

“It’s fucking obvious cunt! I realized my whole life was like that of many early Muslims. Life of being rejected and neglected by everyone in the world and where everyone hated you.” He said.

“Really?” Faisal said to make sure if Bilardi wasn’t bullshitting him.

“Don’t believe me fucker? Well then I remember back in secondary school after I was humiliated online as my bullies smacked me and put it on video on eCast, I felt so enraged at the whole world. I began to fantasize about killing all of those who wronged me and ignored me.”

“But of course I didn’t shoot up my high school, since doing so was something only a retarded coward would do. Instead I eventually became influenced by the teachings of the Great One and other great minds like Adolf Hitler.” He then continued.

“But Hitler was not a Muslim, he was of Jewish descent himself despite denying it.” Faisal replied.

“Well he respected Islam and admired it for its militaristic nature. In fact Hitler himself even stated how he wished that the Umayyad Caliphate had won the Battle of Tours.” Bilardi then responded and paused to which he had to go back and remember something from what he read years ago.

“He even said “The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?” when it came to the subject of the Battle of Tours.”

“If anything Hitler viewed that if the Germanic race had converted to Islam, then Europe would be much better.”

“And yet Hitler killed millions of people and is responsible for one of the most horrific events in human history. Obviously you know the Holocaust did in fact happen right?” Faisal said to him.

“Of course the Holocaust happened! It was the best thing to happen to the enemies of the Germanic race and its a shame it wasn’t able to complete its end goal.” Bilardi replied with a sadistic grin.

Bilardi was able to still form a sickening grin on his face despite feeling the great pain from that nail hammered into his right knee cap by Mephisto, who was still sitting on top of his legs.

“Well at least your not a Holocaust denier…” Faisal sighed.

“If only you had instead read about the great philosophies like Mohism, Neoplatonism, or
Averroism.” He then said to Bilardi.

“And do what exactly? Become a sore loser in a society that treats me like shit?” Bilardi then said in response.

“You speak of philosophy to me and all I can simply say is that my own philosophy is better…” He added.

“Your philosophy…?” Faisal then replied in curiosity.

“Yes my philosophy is very simple.” He replied with a sinister grin.

“You are either born weak both spiritually and physically or you are born strong both spiritually and physically. If you are born weak then that is because Allah knew you were never meant to be strong in this world.”

“Because if he let a spiritually weak person be born and become physically strong but still spiritually weak then it would break the balance of the order of nature that Allah had implemented since the beginning.”

“He makes people be weak because their purpose is to serve the strong. The strong are destined to be the masters of the world as after all only the strong survive.”

“So let me get this straight…” Mephisto then said after not having talked for a few minutes.

“If a person who is born with heart defect then they must be destined to die because Allah feels they deserve it?” He said to Bilardi.

“That is correct Mephisto. The reason is because their soul offended Allah before birth. And as punishment they are to be born handicapped or born with something that will quickly kill them.” The Australian Hamas member replied using a happy tone of voice.

“So basically put Allah according to you is performing eugenics as a way to make the world a better place?” Mephisto then guessed.

“Yes!” Bilardi replied raising his voice a little.

“Well… Funny because I left Islam many years ago and became a pagan finding that the old gods of Arabia were much cooler than just a single fucking god.” Mephisto rolled his eyes.

“You will be punished by the Great One for abandoning the only true god Allah!” Bilardi shouted.

“Oh yeah…? Well guess what wiseguy Allah himself originally was a god from Pre-Islamic Arabian religion and he was a creator or supreme deity like Jupiter or Zeus.”

“That is a lie! Liar!” Bilardi shouted.

“Just like how Muhammad was! Nothing but a god damn liar who built the entire city of Mecca out of pride! Something which is forbidden and unforgivable in Islam!”

“Are you a total ghabaa or are you mentally fucked up in the head?” Mephisto said to him.

“I am not a dumbass! I am stating actual truth!” Bilardi retorted rudely.

“No you are a dumbass Jake… Muhammad never built the city of Mecca, it was already a city inhabited by Arabian pagans when he captured it in 630 CE.” Mephisto replied since he obviously had the real “truthful” knowledge about Mecca’s origin despite no longer being a Muslim.

“My friend Mephisto is right…” Faisal said to Bilardi.

“Mecca was older than the religion of Islam itself.”

“Then once again you two are nothing but liars believing in the lies made by the Quran which is nothing but a book of lies made by false prophet Muhammad!” Bilardi said.

“Then who is the true prophet of Islam then Bilardi?” Mephisto asked in a serious tone.

“Why it should be obvious! It is none other than the Great One himself. He is the true prophet and his ways of teachings are all completely true because he speaks for Allah himself. He is the messenger as well whose goal is to teach everyone the truth of what Allah really means.”

“Hate to break it to you Jake, but the Great One simply created a fucking cult of personality.”

To which suddenly Jake Bilardi said something random but very disturbing to them both.

“I was the one who destroyed Mecca… I did what Allah and the Great One demanded which was to destroy the place of idols and sin.” He said.

“You joking right? The Great One himself ordered you and solely you to dirty bomb one of the most holiest cities in the world?” Faisal said now this time with the emotions of shock and doubt on his face.

“And why the fuck should we believe that Jake?” Mephisto then said.

“Because I got nothing left to lose…” Bilardi then giggled as if he was a little toddler who just did something mischievous.

“Nobody will ever be able to enter that sinful site ever again thanks to me and I am proud by that fact!”

Mephisto and Faisal were now totally shocked and wished that what they just heard from the Australian terrorist was a lie. But they knew he wasn’t lying, and they could tell by the look in his cold evil eyes. They were the kind of eyes that never lie.

“And your well aware of how many people you pissed off around the world right…?” Faisal then asked him.

To which Bilardi then happily nodded.

“You didn’t just piss off the entire Muslim world… You pissed off everyone one even Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Wiccans, and many other religions by destroying one of the most famous cities in world history. You destroyed apart of our and I mean our as in human history.” Faisal then replied which by now his tone of voice was slowly changing to that of anger but in a way that wasn’t dangerous or aggressive.

“And your fucking proud of that? Proud that you destroyed one of humanity’s amazing cities…”

“You made millions of people even people who weren’t even Muslim cry by destroying Mecca.”

“I know…” Bilardi smiled.

“And Allah is happy so that is what really matters. Him being happy and pleased.”

“I maybe an atheist, but how the fuck do you know what makes Allah happy or pleased?”

“Do you actually talk to him like a next door neighbor everyday?” Mephisto said in anger.

“No you don’t! Because he never talks to anyone and that is true for every single god every created by mankind! You cannot simply say that you know what Allah says or wants, because let me tell you something assfucker!” He shouted at Bilardi.

“Even the Quran or even the things your so called Great One says are nothing but made up! Allah is silent and he has always been silent since we came into existence!”

“And even if he does exist, he sure as hell would absolutely hate the living fuck out of you Bilardi!”

“Because you have killed so many people, your fucking organization your apart up has killed many innocent people, your organization has made millions people suffer and be miserable. And not just in Saudi Arabia or the entire whole Middle East! Oh no…. You made millions of others worldwide want to weep in sadness and fear over what you and the Hamas Caliphate have done!”

“And look at you asshole! Your still laughing even when I am telling the brutal fucking truth! You are truly evil and you are still laughing!”

“I’m laughing because I am so glad that finally people are acknowledging me for what I done to Mecca.” Bilardi replied after he stopped laughing.

To which Mephisto then got up off of Bilardi’s lower legs and left the room making Faisal confused as to where he was going. Meanwhile the Australian madman kept on praising Allah and the Great One and rambling random terrorist nonsense which was almost like in a way how a lunatic would do in an insane asylum.

A minute later Mephisto comes back with a black colored
Taurus Model 605 revolver gripped in his right hand to which Faisal saw and was shocked.

“What the fuck are you doing Mephisto!?” Faisal asked.

“Doing the entire world a favor! Ending the life of this worm!” Mephisto then replied back to him as he walked up to the bed where Bilardi was chained up in to which he looked at Mephisto with not even fear but instead happiness.

It was as if the madman didn’t fear death.

“He shouldn’t be given death! Its what he wants Mephisto!” Faisal said.

“Good if he wants it then I’ll be happy to give it to him!” Mephisto said.

He then aimed the revolver at Bilardi’s head who was still not even afraid whatsoever.

“I will very happy to finally be with Allah!” Bilardi shouted in happiness.

“Finally!!!!” He shouted.

“Shut the fuck up you fucking evil asshole!” Mephisto then shouted at Bilardi.

“Someone should of fucking murdered you a long time ago and the fact they haven’t is disturbing! But now I will be the one to end your evil existence.”

“You get what you fucking deserve!”

To which immediately Mephisto fired four shots into the skull of Jake Bilardi instantly killing him as the bullets passed through his brain and got embedded inside his now lifeless head which no longer had any brain activity. Moments later blood and some brain bits poured and dripped out of the bullet holes on the right side of his skull and even blood began to pour out of his eye sockets since some of the blood began to seep through the hole of the optic nerve goes through to meet the brain.

Faisal looked at Jake Bilardi’s lifeless body in horror mostly due to how brutal Mephisto killed the man. He then shivered from fear and then took a deep breath to try and calm himself down.

“Fuck man… You didn’t have to go that far…” He said to him.

“I had to it was the only logical option left.” Mephisto said to him in response.

“Well now we have this all on audio tape thanks to the tape recorder under the bed.” Faisal said.

“Good I say we take it along with his body to the IC back in Jeddah.” Mephisto then said.

“Very well…”

-Somewhere in Saudi Arabia, February 20th, 2022
Holy mother of cheese. After what Jake said, I can agree with you that the beliefs of the Hamas Caliphate are nothing but a pile of bull dung, made up by a lunatic who would make even the likes of the Joker from the Batman series feel uncomfortable.

This is what Doomsday created: A world of lunatics. Still, good riddance.
So the truth about the dirty bombing of Mecca is revealed by the very individual who committed the act - only a madman like Jake Bilardi would have admitted the truth about committing such a atrocious crime to his captors, probably not even realizing that they were getting his confession recorded on tape... I can only imagine what every decent Muslim's reaction - hell, every decent human being's reaction is going to be once Faisal & Mephisto release it to the world!
Did Mephisto just cross the line there?

... Whether he crossed the line or not, with so many lunatic terrorist groups across the post-nuclear war world running around committing all sorts of barbaric acts against innocent people, I think I can safely say that few, if any decent people are going to raise a fuss about Mephisto torturing and executing Jake Bilardi - Hell, once Jake's confession to the dirty bombing of Mecca becomes public many, particularly Muslims, are probably going to think it's a shame Mephisto didn't do worse to him...
Wanted terrorist Jake Bilardi has been brought to IC forces by two men who wished to remain anonymous. However what is startling to say the least is that the two vigilants had killed him.

-ABC World News 24/7, February 21st, 2022


The men who killed Bilardi have recorded audio of him confessing to the destruction of Mecca!

We repeat.

Jake Bilardi is the person responsible for the dirty bombing of Mecca during the Saudi Civil War!

-ABC World News 24/7, February 21st, 2022

“I have never been so disgusted and horrified that a fellow Australian not only joined the Hamas Caliphate, but is also responsible for destroying one of the most amazing cities ever built by mankind.”

“To all Muslims worldwide we are so terribly sorry that a person from our very nation of Australia has destroyed your beautiful holy city. It truly breaks my heart to see such a city destroyed in the name of religious fundamentalism.”

-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Australian Labor), February 21st, 2022

“If there is one thing we have to acknowledge is that just like Oyarzo, Bilardi is the full definition of “From Nobody to Nightmare”. To think that anyone can become like them is horrifying on so many levels.”

“Because as history has shown us from Genghis Khan to Adolf Hitler is that it is very possible given the correct circumstances. And it still happening as history has shown us for all of mankind’s existence.”

“We shall not stand to allow such monsters to be created. We shall not stand to allow someone to surpass evil men like Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, or Pol Pot. We shall not stand to allow someone to result in the death of millions of innocent people.”

-Brazilian President Germano Rigotto, February 21st, 2022

60,000 people in Tunis, Kingdom of Tunisia have began burning effigies of Osama bin Laden in response to what has recently happened.

-NBBC World News 24/7, February 21st, 2022

واحد عظيم؟

نعم إنه "العظيم" على ما يرام. عظيم في تدمير مكة!

Great One?

Yeah he’s the “great one” alright. Great at destroying Mecca!

-A protest sign used in Muscat, Oman, February 21st, 2022