Scenario: American Greenland and Newfoundland

Thought of some interesting post-war American expansion based on the map below, regarding plausibility:
- It's well known that the Danish government was heavily opposed to a potential sale in 1946 however I believe that under different circumstances the purchase could have happened:
-A harder Soviet line regarding the occupation of Bornholm, coupled with a more aggressive/opportunistic American government (US support for Soviet withdrawal in exchange for the Sale). Failing that a Soviet push into Denmark in the closing days of the war might also facilitate this acquisition.
-A less competent Danish ambassador/ less stable Danish government.

-Harder to do in my opinion but......
-Heavier British/Canadian/Newfoundlander dependence during the war which leads to more American security/economic/political interest in Newfoundland.
-American pressure leads to the British being unable to heavily influence the referendum in favour of confederation.
-Economic Union Party stronger due to increased American links and helps the independence side win the referendum and influence Newfoundland closer to America.
-Heavier American interest in Newfoundland as a link to their new territory in Greenland.
-Say 10 years after the referendum 1958/9 another referendum is held regarding Newfoundland's admittance to the Union, which would conveniently coincide with Alaska and Hawaii's admittance as states.

A couple of things regarding this scenario, firstly a plausibility check, though I believe I have given some instances of how this could realistically (potentially) occur it is a long shot.

More interestingly how would this change affect America, its politics, international relations, society, economy, and military? Both these regions are sparsely populated they contain considerable resources and are in strategic locations. I imagine the American military and corporations would take a huge interest in these two regions.

How would this affect US-Canadian relations now the Americans basically encircle Canada on three sides, would this Canada be even more dependent on America?

Lastly, what would statehood look like for these two regions? For Newfoundland I imagine it would become a state upon its admittance to the US, being rural I imagine it would evolve into a red state? Due to its small population, I don't imagine Greenland would become a state until much later however I would think that perhaps by the 1980's/90's its population would be high enough due to economic/military related migration that statehood would be on the table. If that were to happen would it be red or blue?
Greenland is rather economically distressed and akin to rural Alaska or many Indian reservations in the lower 48 so it will perpetually remain a territory.

It would be interesting to see Labrador become a separate US territory as some have proposed (in the context of it being a Canadian territory) OTL but I think you're about right regarding Newfoundland.

The fact Newfoundland voted to join the US would make the Canadian movement to join the US a little more serious and influential. It would be biggest in Alberta/Prairies, and if Quebec somehow received independence, then I could see a serious risk of Canada dissolving into new US states.