Scandanavia March - May1945.

March 1945 the war in Europe is raging but it's obvious to all the Allies have won, however Denmark and Norway are still under the German Jackboot. Enter Sweden whose walked a very fine line for the last six years to maintain its neutrality. In an unexpected move Swedish forces move to liberate southern Norway and Denmark. How does this affect the post war world even if they fail?
Wehrmacht Sgt. Alfred Haase might die in the fighting, thus ABBA as we know it might be no more
Why Sweden suddenly would enter to the war at its final moments if then Germany just somehow doesn't provocate that? I don't see any reason why it would change its position from neutral to allied nation.
Trying to counter any Soviet influence, establish a leadership position in the region, gain a place at the negotiating table and generally sucking up to the winners. There are plenty of reasons they might make the choice to enter the war on the winning side.